When Do You Put Your Baby In Their Own Room? Important Thing You Should Know

when do you put your baby in their own room
putting baby in their own room

During the first few months of their baby life, new born babies should sleep close to baby’s parent’s room but not with your bed. Keeping your baby in your room will help you feed them easier, take care of them more closely. But after six first months and it is recommended that you should put your baby in a different room.


As the suggestions from AAP’s Policy statement on 2016 on reducing the risk of SIDS and deaths related to baby sleep. Baby should share room with their mom until at least six months of their first life, and one year will be the best.

​SIDS is considered as the most usual cause of death in new born baby, and of course, parents want to prevent it at any cost. Some parents wish they could wake all night to check if your baby breathes. But true is that we need to sleep.

​We feel that we will sleep better if your baby was put in separated room, while put your baby in your room will get lower risk of SIDS. So it is important of balancing the need for your well sleep and your baby safety.

When should we put our own baby in their own room?

The cultural baby sleep is different in other part of the word. In many countries, especially, Asia area and Africa, room sharing or even bed sharing are very usually things, but less common in USA and Western area.

When Do You Put Your Baby In Their Own Room

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It is recommended that roomsharing without bedsharing is the most ideal baby sleep place for their first one year life. For the first six month, the period times when most SIDS death occurs, you must put your baby in the same room as you.​

Then, after four or six months, you can cut out your baby nighttime feedings. You baby do not wake up for feeding during night any more. You could put your baby in separated room.

Why should we put our own baby in their own room?

Baby will sleep easier and better for them in the future.

It is said that some babies wake up during night when they feel their mom and dad by side. And it is difficult to make them come back to sleep. Some parents experience the great feeling of sleeping with their child in the first months, but after some three or four months they seem to be more sensitive, easy to respond to your noises.

So basically, you wake him up. If you can manage to put him in separated room correctly, it will comfort him; make him sleep better in return.

A separated space will help your child develop their independence and responses to the world around them. It will beneficial them in the long term.

Your personal activities back to normal.

During pregnancy and after delivery, all your efforts was focused on your baby, your sex life will not be as normal, you wake up during night to feed and comfort them. So putting your baby in their own room will let you have personal space.

Some parents even face to serious sleep deprivation, and we still have to do normal activities like working, driving. The lack of sleeping can increase the risk of mental and physical health issues. Some parents struggle seriously to sleep enough when they sleep with their child in the same room.

How should we put our own baby in their own room?

Before moving your baby in their own room, you should have alert time, do not make it too sudden. During this period of time, you should spend times with your baby to playing, reading, feeding so that your baby will feel their own room as safe place, familiar room.

Diapering them on their own bed room put them sleep and take snap on their room under your supervision. After a period of time, your baby will familiar to their new space with safe and warm feelings.

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Your baby love the feelings when you hold them, feed them and sing to them. It makes you and your baby close and understands each other. As the result, it will make you baby easy to sleep.

Your baby will automatic understand that these actions is a part of falling sleep progress, when you baby wake up, they need you to sing, rock and feed them to back them to sleep again.

So you should create a loving, comfortable bedtime routine, in which your waking baby will experiences your loving, singing when you put your baby to sleep. Your baby will understand how to soothe to sleep. The critical skill she will use for her rest life.

It is anxious for some moms to put their baby in a different room. If so, you could arrange a video or audio monitor in your baby new room, so that you can keep eyes on them.

Where should we put our own baby in their own room?

You should make sure that her crib is flat, low and safe, and you should not place any potential dangerous subjects near your baby crib like blankets, toys.

You should consider your baby weight and size when choosing a crib to your child. During sleep time, you baby will moving a lot, so crib should have enough space to conform your child. The sides of bassinets and crib should be low and safety and you should consider that your child could shit up or roll over.

Arranging new rooms for your baby could be cost you quite big financially, but nowadays on market you have many choices available with a reasonable price.

In conclusion, parents and even babies experience the difficulty in sleeping if they have room sharing.

We hope that this topic will help you to figure out the best solution to your family in arrange sleeping space of you and your baby. And you can know how and when to balance between reducing the risk of your sleep deprivation and your baby risk of SIDS.

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