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By Cynthia J. Simmons / December 28, 2016
sensory activities for babies

The first year of a child is the most precious time of his life and parents must be so aware of this. During 12 first months, babies grow and learn faster than at any of their life. To achieve certain milestones of physical and emotional development, your child really need a great deal of support from you- new mommy and daddy.

There are many way but playing sensory activities with infants would be the best choice to choose. Your kid’s natural curiosity drives him to the need of discovering making connections to everything around. You play a crucial role in your baby’s learning by encouraging him to use his senses in exploring the world.

Before introducing some sensory activities, it would be necessary to point out some fundamentals which must be consider while picking the most effective among numerous options. I will go for 4 points: joy, love, communication and suitability.

Sensory activities are free play and it’s just fun! Joy brings excitement to your baby. It stimulates nerve cells, imagination and ability to think logically in a child's brain. Equally, feeling loved and secure enhances your baby’s emotional development. In addition, try to communicate with your child as much as you can while playing. It is not only by baby talking with him but also eye contact and gentle touches of his little hands to your face. Last but not least, because the changes are fast amazingly, you should pay attention to their development and pick the suitable activity. This means, in each stage of baby’s growth, this sense grows stronger than the others.

During the first 3 months, the majority of newborn babies sleep 18 to 20 hours per day as they did in mom’s belly. Besides, their eye sight is also limited. So that, the best time to play sensory game with them is since 4th month.

For 4th to 7th month babies

Turning to month fourth, your little angel is able to control the head and even lift it up 90 degrees when on the tummy. The baby now can smile, laugh out loud and vocalize “ooh”, “aah” to get attention. By this time, he take a greater interest in surroundings and like to reach out for objects and experiment what they are like and how they work. Sometimes, he follows moving objects with his eyes. He is able to recognize familiar faces.

By knowing his development stage, we can encourage them with suitable activities.

  • Funny bath
  • Toy seeking
  • Sweet album
  • Baby talk

Your sweetie would enjoy this very much, may be so do you.

Fill a bathtub with 3 to 4 inches of warm water. Put your baby slowly in to it and remember to hold him gently in upright position. Then, your baby will watch water and play kicking his legs and arms. You can create more excitement for him by stirring water with him or let little duck toys joint with you.

By doing this activity together, your baby gets to know about water, interact with you, little duckling and learn how to motor smoothly his limbs.

For 8th to 12th month babies

Your darling has experienced and learnt a lot after 7 months. Now, he has other milestones to achieve. During the next months he will learn and able to stand and walk. He can point his index finger to show what he wants other than crying. He can say some simple words and understand several words and simple commands. While he knows his “power” to parents, he begins understanding the meaning of “no”.

  • Rolling ball
  • Toy friends
  • Dressing
  • Family music

Kid's listening skill is now not just hearing, it turns to remembering rhythm or even composing.

Let your kid explore various kinds of sound by playing music to him or simply give him spoons bows and cups so that he will make sound that he likes.

Some kids are talented and who knows your baby is the second Mozart? Now he is 1 year old and can sit firmly, its great idea to let him sit by your side and play music instrument with you.


Raising kids is a hardship but watching him growing safe and sound with his skill matured day by day is incredibly amazing. With your instruction and encouragement, your baby will continue sharpen his skills to be outstanding day by day of the years to come.

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