How Soon After Giving Birth Can You Exercise?

By Cynthia J. Simmons / December 23, 2016
when to do exercises after giving birth

This year, my family is so happy to welcome not only 3 but 4 newborn members of my sisters. Until now, the youngest is 2 months old and the “oldest” is getting to his 7th of his life. Beside this incredible luck and joy, it’s time everyone turns the attention to those babies’ moms. Imaginably, baby weight has accumulated their bodies for the period of pregnancy. It gets worst at the tummy muscle and thigh which makes them super unconfident and even stressful to appear so terrible looking.

After the baby was born, new moms somehow gradually regain daily routine and normal diet. However, the situation isn’t improved much. They insist on getting back their good shape and health by putting the idea of doing exercises into action but they are not sure when ideally to begin and what are the best pregnancy workouts?

I have searched and come up with this article sharing advice with my sisters and with you all who are concerning about this problem – when and how to exercise after giving birth?

When can you exercise after giving birth?

how soon after giving birth can you exercise

Normally, your exercising plan should start by taking short walks as long as you feel comfortable for this and it doesn't cause or exacerbate bleeding. It is advised by exercise physiologist and postpartum-fitness expert that most new moms’ bodies are not ready for vigorous work outs until six to eight weeks after giving birth. Please avoid aerobic exercise, running or swimming until you have had your postnatal check and have 7 days without postnatal bleeding or lochia discharging.

Remember, it also greatly depends on how fit you were and how straightforward your labor was.

If you didn’t do exercise regularly before, you would be overwhelmed to take up some moves too early and so then make you more stressful.

You should ask for doctor’s advice in case you have some special problems such as having assisted birth, experiencing complications in labor, having a caesarean or leaking wee seriously.

After doing postnatal checking and you feel up to short walks, you are ready for about 20 to 30 minutes of cardio. By getting out and about you can lift your mood and exercising your body gently. Let’s take your baby out for walks sometimes!

Please keep in mind not to overdo thing and rest when you need to.

When can I run after giving birth?

when can i run after giving birth

As your strength returns, you will think about running to remove faster calories and fat.

Since week twelfth, most new moms’ bodies are ready for some kind of high-impact aerobic such as running. However, I suggest a check with your doctor, midwife or professionals to make sure. This is important when you belong to special cases mentioned above. For example, you may need to wait longer if you had a caesarean or stitches. For some people’s body, recovery on stitches comes harder than others. Too hurry for exercising running may cause breaking and bleeding.

Pregnancy hormones affect your joints and ligaments greatly during at least 6 first months. Be careful yourself not to get injured by running too hard and too long.

As a common sense of Eastern people, new moms’ bodies are so vulnerable that everything they do after giving birth will impact them for the rest of their life. This means any injury occurred, the damage will more or less last permanently. So that, please try to listen to your body and pace yourself during exercising!

Stomach exercises after pregnancy

stomach exercises after pregnancy

The baby bell is the part that upsets new mom mostly, I bet. It not only makes you look like still 7 months pregnancy, but also has linea nigra and a net of brown stretch marks on it. Even worse, dark lines appear on buttocks, thighs and breasts.

So when to start doing exercise to get rid of this?

The answer is that you already take on resolving this problem by breastfeeding your baby. Said that it takes time to your bell come back its size before pregnancy, you are able to fasten the process by focus on three things below:


Feeding your baby by your milk totally for 6 earlier months can burn extra calories. It also helps to shrink your womb by triggering contractions.

Eating healthily:

Trying not to skip breakfast and making sure your portion including fruits and vegetables. You’d better watched your mealtime also.

Taking stomach exercise:

When you feel really comfortable with aerobics like running and swimming, you are ready for stomach exercise.

Don’t be too hard to yourself. Because it takes 9 months to stretch to accommodate the baby, it needs that long or more to tighten up again.

Best post pregnancy workout

best post pregnancy workout

There are various exercises to get your pre-baby body back. The key of success is how precise you move and how regular time you spend. Till now, you might be pretty sure about your body’s heath, but you should to ask your personal doctor and fitness expert‘s advice for choosing the most appropriate exercises.

Yoga is considered to be one of the gentle exercises, which not only strengthens health greatly, but also help relaxing the mind and reduce stress. Besides, doing Yoga can tone the abdominal muscles and increase stamina for the lower back. I may recommend here 5 Yoga moves which helps greatly in losing your weight:

1. Relaxing sit

Do this for about 5 minutes each time.

Step 1

Sit with your back straight, keep your legs round folded in front, and raise your arms over your head with your hands pressing together and your fingers pointing up.

Step 2

Inhale deeply until your abdominal muscles tensed up, chest and back sticking out the front.

Step 3

Then slowly exhale, relax the abdominal muscles and back.

2. Breathing

The process includes: hold - exhale – tone belly, back to the original position - inhale – bulge belly.

Make it 3 counts for this move, with each count doing 10 times of breathings and rest for a while between counts.

3. Body folding

Step 1

Lying on your stomach. Slowly raise your head and body while lifting your feet up and curving your back.

Step 2

Bend the knees until they almost touch the buttocks. Your hands wrap around two sides of the ankles and pull up. Now your stomach is on the floor and bears the weight of the whole body.

Try to retain this position as long as you can with your head high all the time.

4. Tightening arm and tummy muscles

Step 1

Firstly, let your whole body lie on the floor straightening.

Step 2

Use the power combined of your hands and two toes to slowly lift the body up.

Step 3

When your arms are 90 degrees above the ground, keep the head, shoulders, hips aligned together and hold on as long as you can. Slowly lower down and relax.

5. Tightening tummy muscles

Step 1

Lying on your back and raising your legs up so that your body forms the letter L. Your two arms hold around head back and tighten your abdominal muscles. Exhale while lifting your shoulders up off the floor.

Step 2

Separating the legs from each other. One hand still hold around head back while the other hand reach forward and put in between the legs, then tighten the lower abdomen. Raise your upper body up slowly while closing the legs and put hands back to the back of your head. Switch sides and repeat 8-10 times.

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