What to Eat During Pregnancy for Brain Development of Baby?

By Cynthia J. Simmons / September 29, 2016
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Once you know that your baby is coming to you, this is the moment you must take care of every fetal development timeline. The following is going to show you exact information about fetus brain development process and the way to improve his brain by eating suitable food.

The important milestones in brain development process

Foods for Brain Development during Pregnancy

As parents, especially a mother, you would be better know very well your child growth in your utero in order to help him grow healthy and strong. Brain development is also a very important process that you must pay attention to. Because your child totally could be smarter if you can recognize the significant milestones during this process.

The first important milestone is at about week 3-4 of pregnancy. The mother may feel nothing but there is a miraculous growth happening in your womb. The brain, accurately, the neural tube, is creating the place where the baby’s brain and spinal cord formed.

The system of neural will be more complex during the second important period which is from about week 6 to week 12 of pregnancy. In this time, the brain hemisphere is forming and the brain waves also appeared.

From week 7 to week 10, the nerve cells are formed very quickly, from 100,000 to 250,000 cells per minute.

The third important one is in about fifth month of pregnancy because there are millions of cells created and the size of baby’s head as well as brain volume keeps increasing. In addition, sensory organs are created such as sight, gustation, and audition and so on. Because of this rapid development, the need of food also increases quickly.

And the third trimester is the last important milestones in which baby’s body almost reach the size at birth.

At the week 28 of pregnancy, the folds will appear on the cortical and the development speed of brain is extremely quick. Your baby is ready for giving birth and his brain is filled with about one hundred billion cells.

What to Eat During Pregnancy for Brain Development of Baby?

Food for Brain Development in Pregnancy

Genes, diet, living and social environment including the mother's emotion, and spiritual of mother during pregnancy are determinant factors to the development trend of the fetal brain. Therefore, a proper diet consisting and on time diet consists of nutrient food contributes a lots to this process.


Fish, such as salmon, tuna, etc, and shrimp, are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can boost baby’s brainpower. However, you also must also be careful of the Mercury amount contained in fish. Mother should eat those kinds of food twice a week if you want your baby to get higher IQ as well as keep a safe pregnancy.

Fruits and Veggies

Which produces antioxidants will protect brain tissue from damage and keep it developing. You can find them in blueberries, artichokes, tomatoes, papaya and red beans.


During pregnancy, your body needs more protein than usual because it needs to build cells and make hormones for your baby. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing your diet everyday so that it can ensure enough protein but not over.

You can eat eggs, beef, yogurt, bean soup, peanut butter on whole-grain crackers. Yogurt, on the other hand, also consists of calcium that is very important for pregnancy.


Iron deficiency brings serious consequences such as causing oxygen situation leading to the increase of poor growth and lower IQ. Spinach, chicken breast and peas will provide you with iron. Moreover, you can ask your doctor about taking extra iron pills.

Vitamin D

It was shown in many researches that Vitamin D plays an important role in brain development during pregnancy. You need to pump up this vitamin by exposing to sunlight, eating cheese, liver, beef, eggs, etc.


Iodine deficiency during pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks, reduces the child's IQ. You need to eat iodized salt while pregnant. Also, eat more marine fish, eggs, yogurt, and oysters.


If you want your baby to be smart right when he is on your belly, food is just a part and you should do some extra activities such as do exercises, talking to him every day, telling him stories by other languages, ect.

And, never forget that music is an incredible thing for baby’s brain. You should select songs with accelerated tempo to stimulate brain development. The best kind of music is instrumental music played by pianist with melodious tunes which contributes significantly to development process.


In short, no need to wait until your baby is born and starts school, parents should take care of your child right now with the hope of developing child’s intelligent. Extra activities, music and a proper diet surely help you have a great time of pregnancy and get a wonderful child as you dreamed.

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