Crib Mobile Buying Guides 2017 Parents Should Know

crib mobile buying guides

When babies lie in cribs, moms often use a mobile – a kind of toy hang over the crib to comfort them at snap time as well as entertain them in playtime. Besides, some scientists conclude that baby mobile may help newborns promote visual and eye-tracking skill with its colorful design.


This is the reasons why crib mobile becomes a must-have item for any family with a baby under 1 year. However, among various kinds of baby mobile on the market, do you know how to choose the best crib mobile for your babies. Here in this post, we’d like to show you crib mobile buying guides to pick a suitable one, and suggest you top 5 crib mobiles also for your easy reference.

Benefits of crib mobile

Soothe babies

With constant movements and small toys or animal with plentiful colors, a mobile can both entertain and calm a baby. At the beginning step of life, your baby spend almost time lying on crib, so instead of starring at the boring ceil, newborn can focus on a crib mobile hang above which can help them play without crying or annoying. The heartbeat sounds from mobile easily draws the attention from baby and make time in bed pass not only much faster but also more interesting.

crib mobile buying guides

Support basic developments

During the stroller time, if baby has a point to focus eyes on, it maybe better for the development of his eyes. When baby is first-born, the ability of control and focus in vision needs time to develop and of course, need a stimulating item such as crib mobile. At that time, they still do not have senses of colors. The flat ceil is quite simply-colored and not really good for baby to stare all day. Besides, the constant music would be beneficial for baby’s auditory development.

Recent researches show that babies are aware of surroundings from the first life days. They can look and feel surroundings, find the colors and hear the sounds which will affect their positive development in babies mind. They also indicates that the choice of baby mobile and baby crib is a vital decision, therefore, smart parents had better take more interest in getting a well-chosen baby mobile.

Types of baby mobile

Wind operated

crib mobile buying guides

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

Although it is lightweight and easy to use, you would find it sometimes not practical. Your baby crib should be placed in a little-wind room which may be harmful for his health. Too much wind may make children suffer from cold, cough or other diseases, especially for newborn with non-fully developed immune system.

Similarly, if you use an electric fan to create moving energy for mobile, it may be too cool for children in fall and winter and, of course, not beneficial for kids’ health.

Mechanically operated

crib mobile buying guides

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

With only a small motor and a battery, your baby mobile can run easily. Just push the button and it can run for a certain time. These baby mobiles are suitable for all space, even without any breeze or wind. Although using battery to move, it requires very little energy. So your battery can be used for very long time.

Things to consider when buy a crib mobile

Design of baby mobile

There are various designs of baby mobiles in the market. Some fit with rounded cribs while the others are more suitable to be installed in cribs with square rails. So choosing a baby mobile also depends on the shape of your baby’s crib.

For newborn’s mobile, the first important factor is colors, followed by shapes and others. Be noted to choose a mobile with bright and vibrant colors, various colors is alright, which would help to easily draw eye focus from your baby. Moreover, baby mobile is often made from connecting many types of shapes such as animals, toys. By the sensitive feeling of parents, you can pay attention to baby’s preference, which kind of toy your baby is fond of. It maybe an elephant, a fish or a car.

crib mobile buying guides


Babies are likely to be fascinated by motions and movements. Purchasing a mobile with this favorite shapes would increase the stimulating effect of the mobile on newborns. A little attention from moms before buying a mobile can ensure the mobile is always well-received by your newborns.

Some brands also make the hanging toys with high quality fabrics so that you can keep them as small toys for baby later. When your baby reaches at a certain age, maybe when he can stand up and pull of the crib mobile, removing the mobile is quite wasting. If it is a qualified mobile, you can keep the shapes as enchanting toys.

Musical mobile

Short melodies added to the mobile are also a new attractive design. In addition to move, the mobile also can play music by a small music box inside, which can soothe babies to sleep.

Quality of music should be an extremely important consideration. The tones of music had better be light and clear enough. Quality of music does only affect capturing baby’s interest but it also supports baby’s auditory development. Besides, regular rhythmic also make baby quiet and happy, calm them and take them to quick sleep. You also should prefer a mobile which allows you to choose songs among the list.

Another thing is music duration of the mobile. Some mobiles can play instant music for around 20 minutes while other can only play within 30s and you have to re-push the button. Remember that each kind of mobiles has different music playing duration.

crib mobile buying guides

Last but not least, you should consider the volume of music as the auditory system of your baby has not fully developed. The melodic, soothing and soft music is the best.

Extra features

  • Flashing lights

Actually, a mobile with night-lights are very useful in some ways In the evening, the soft glow from the mobile allows newborns to see their favorite shapes. And it also can play a role as a lamp which leads parents in the darkness. If parents enter the baby’s room to see newborns' sleeping status, and do not want to turn on the light that can wake up your babies, night-lights would be a great feature.

  • Operable by remote control

If the mobile can be controlled by a remote, we can totally be active in lulling baby sleeping. You can both do housework, and control the crib mobiles to soothe and calm your baby. That is also a great idea for busy working moms.

Besides, there are many other additional functions which is useful and convenient. However, you should consider which feature your infants need most, and give the best choice before buying the baby crib mobiles. Remember that the safety of your babies is top priority.

Read carefully the instruction before installing to make sure you don’t ignore any important infor, especially the standard length of mobile’s string. Some producer also notes the guidelines that 7 feet is good length for mobile to be hang on the crib. You, of course, should base on your crib to install correctly. Keep all the hanging figurines out of baby’s reach to protect them best.

Best baby crib mobile reviews

1. Tiny Love Soothe 'n Groove Mobile, Blue 0-24 months

Tiny Love Soothe 'n Groove Mobile, Blue 0-24 months

The next product is also from Tiny Love Brand, one of the most baby gears producer in the market. Someone said that Tiny love doesn’t only make products, they fit your needs and lifestyles. Belows are several outstanding feature of this mobile for you to consider.


  • Music: The most highlighted feature of this mobile is music box. It is the first music box which has endless music choices. While spinning, the mobile can play up to 40 minutes of continuous melodies without any repeatable songs from jazz, worlds, nature, classics to lullaby and white sounds. The music laying duration is long enough to calm in playtime as well as gently lull them to sleep.

Of course, one more thing that cannot be ignored is that the music is supported by 2 high quality speakers that bring crystal clear sounds and baby activated buttons to operate. The music box with 6-button system can help baby easily to switch between melodies and select his favorite songs.

  • Designs: Its three plush animal toys with friendly faces can support baby’s healthy visual development. Adorable elephants, monkey and giraffe at bright colors of characters, along with multidimensional movements, are sure to make your babies excited.

Moreover, this mobile is designed to fit with many kinds of baby gears: from cribs to toddles. It means that the mobile will grow up with your baby as a long-time friend, from a mobile when he is an infant until a stand-alone music box, when he starts to learn to stand up and do the very first walk. When you remove all friendly toys to turn it into a music box, they also make a carry handle in the side of music box for your baby easy to carry and play with it.

2. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Tiny Princess

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Tiny Princess


  • Portable: This item is made from plastic and lightly-weight at around 1.2 pounds, so that parents can bring it everywhere with your newborns, for a quick trip, short camping or even long journeys. As being designed to fit with many kinds of baby’s accessories such as travel cots, caries, car seats, strollers and bassinets. For each kind of baby gears, they creates a separate connector, which only takes you less than 2 minutes to complete installment. Like its name “take along mobile”, you can also easily fold this item into a half which can save your bag/car space.
  • Music playing feature: This baby mobile can play music for a long duration of 30 minutes continuously, and owns 5 different tunes for you to change. You have to use 3 AA batteries to run this mobile, but each can be utilized upto 20 hours before draining.
  • Smart designs: there are 2 great designs for you to choose: unisex and tiny princess. The color is yellow-blue and pink respectively.

With adorable characteristics at contrasting colors with movements, the mobile can enrich the visual experiences and motion tracking of your baby’s eyes. Several buyers have commented that your newborns totally adore the mobile, kicks and smiles happily whenever lie beneath it.


Some consumers said that it is quite dangerous for your babies if you do not attack carefully the mobile to the cribs. They claimed about the grips provided as a connector, which is not quite safe, easily detaches and falls. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to installment to make sure it is safe for your newborns.

3. Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile is another suggestion from Tiny Love brand.


  • Designs: Be like a tree with colorful branches, each branch hangs a small animal toy such as a giraffe, bird, and monkey. Imagine your baby is in a sweet island with many lovely animal friends around. Tiny Love would like you to use this as an educational mobile also. With puppet-like toys, you can teach newborns about vocabularies and helps babies to focus on objects, increase imagination, support important eye muscles development as well as spatial perception.
  • Music:The mobile has constant music duration up to 20 minutes with four melodic tunes, divided into 2 themes: classical-themed and nature-themed. The buttons in music box is to switch between the songs. When you remove all puppets, the music box turns into a new toy. Your baby can hit the buttons and feel the change in musical sounds and tunes. And there is also a button in the side of music box for music volume, up or down or even a silence button. You can spin this button to adjust which volume level your baby like most.
  • Movement:Compared with other mobiles, Tiny Love sweet Island Mobile has a considerable highlight using multidimensional movement. The main tree can move itself, while other branches also move independently. The green leaves which attached into branches may turn 360 degrees.Hanging toys in the side arms can move up and down, a unique feature which makes this mobile outstanding in the market. All combination creates intriguing attraction to baby and helps trigger creativity, the senses and communication curiosity.
  • Night lights: Inside the center of music box base, there is a night light hidden. Quite dim but the monkey glowing gently in night is great for baby not to sleep in complete dark. Besides, it is not too much, too bright to wake infants up.
  • Remote control: A remote control is provided to operate the mobile from far away. However, it cannot help you to change music, just on and off along with operate the light.


Some purchasers claimed that it makes noise when spinning with buzz sounds which causes them and their babies annoying.

4. Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile


  • Designs: Unlike other mobiles, this one has a delicate canopy cover all the puppets and music box. The music box resembles a bear face and the mobiles looks like the big arms, so baby can imagine it is a big warm hug of a great white bear. Its main task is to keep all the images closes, help the baby lying underneath focus on only the colorful animals, which would strengthen baby’s eye muscle.

The mobile also includes four plushy characters: a white polar bear, green alligator, a teal whale and a yellow lion. Friendly faces and detailed designs would delight and keep your baby interested. By naming animals and explaining its habitats, parents can improve baby’s vocabulary sources and promote brain development.

Producer uses Smart Swing Technology which offers your baby 6 different swing speeds from low to high. It is very easy to change motion speeds based on baby’s moods and activities: rock side to side or swing head to toe. You can also fold small for convenient using anywhere in your room as well as portable for any family trip.

  • Music: Like other kinds of mobiles, Fisher-Price also provides full 20 minutes music with classic songs from Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. In addition, there are nature and ocean sounds, or white noise womb and heartbeat sounds. The combination of soft music and calming night light would soothe baby, and easily lull them to sleep at night. Parents should choose and change songs up to their favorite and moods to get the highest effectiveness.

5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile


  • Designs: inspire from a small rain forest with leaves and animal friends. While spinning, the shiny leaves will gently open and close and a smiling dragonfly plays peek-a-boo, all creates a friendly and happy rainforest dancing party for your baby.
  • Music box: This mobile offers 3 modes of operation. By change the buttons, you can choose between 10, 12 or 18 music, motions and lights 10 minute operation is nominated for baby’s naptime, 12 minutes continuous music and motion is great for babies that need transition before sleep. They also designed the duration of 18 minutes music and lights to lengthen the playtime.
  • One more pros is the versatile feature. Manufacturer designs it to easily be converted into a music box. When your baby grow up a little and they still adore these toys, it would become unsafe for them to touch and pull the shapes. It is better to remove all the characteristics, and turn it into a music box with classical compositions from Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. It also support with a traditional rainforest sounds which helps stimulate baby’s auditory development.
  • Remote: Using a remote to control the music and lights. During their toddler years, you can stand up far from and see them. The soft night light will create a cozy and soothing environment to calm cranky babies in bedtime. The light can curb nighttime fears and take them to magic rainforest and dreamland with music and animal friends.


Just only some dissatisfactions related to safety and easily broken devices but almost comments are complements and highly-recommended. It seems to be a perfect choice for your baby.

In conclusion, there are hundreds kinds of mobile in market. For a stimulating product like crib mobile, it requires a lot of time to consider before buying one. By above advice and suggestions, hope that they are useful for you to give a wise decision.

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