Best Places For Newborn To Sleep

best places for baby to sleep

Average total sleep for newborn and one month baby is seventeen hours per day, and reduce to sixteen hours per day for three months baby and fifteen and fourteen hours per day for six months and twelve months respectively. Your babies spend most of their time in sleep, but where the best place for newborn to sleep is.

Should Have Private Sleeping Place for Kids?

When choosing the best place for your babies, your top priorities will be keeping your baby warm, clean, comfortable in the safe way.

Even though it is very interesting and convenient to have your baby sleep in bed with you. Besides, you do not want to miss any moment of your children in their first days, your newborn babies should not sleep with your in bed and need private space for sleeping because of safety reason.

Adult bed is usually unsafe for newborn because it has no rails and is too high so your babies may easily fall down from bed to floor.


​The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released instructions for safe way of sleeping for babies, in which it quoted to place babies on their backs to sleep until one year of age on a firm flat surface, and the place to put your babies must stay away from potential dangerous subjects like electrical cords, knifes.

Is It OK For Baby To Sleep In Swing All Night?

baby sleep in a swing

The safety reason

The safety of your babies is always top priority when you choose something to put your baby in and letting your newborn baby in swing can blow your safety concerns. But it does not mean that you can let your baby sleep in swing for prolonged periods of times without supervision.

In fact, some short period of time sleep in swing under supervision are considered safer for your child.

For Convenience

The second reason for putting baby swing at top of the list is for convenience, if used properly, swing will be excellent equipment for calming down your crying babies and giving parents a little bit peace time.

Imaging that you cannot get your child to sleep in any way whatsoever, even nursing, hugging, swaddling seem to be not working. And you are too tired and you have no choice but put your kid in the swing, seeing your kids crying for more 5 minutes and then finally fell asleep.

However, please remember our first rule, put your child in swinging hammock in short period of time under supervision.

When Can Baby Use Bouncer?

Placing at second place in top appreciated place for baby sleep is bouncer. There are nothing more wonderful than the sound of your baby’s cackling as he bounces up and down according to your baby’s movements in the seat and then falling sleep. But the question is when can you kid use bouncer? It depends on what kind of bouncer you are looking for.

best baby bouncer



It is a reclined seat, be worked by your baby’s own movements or simply battery automatic powered. The most important rules of choosing bouncers is to check carefully the weight and/ or age instructions.

Most of bouncing chairs can be used from birth, but not encourage for premature and low weight babies.

Can A Newborn Sleep In A Crib?

Actually, the answer is yes, the crib is other choice of place of nursery furniture for newborn babies to sleep. Although a crib takes up a lot of space, with advantages of lasting for many years of using, it still be highly recommended.

It is advised that newborns should sleep in the same room with parents but in a different sleeping space so curb seem to be a very good choice. But please note below points.

baby sleep in crib


The Safety Standards of Baby Cribs

Your baby cirb should meet safety standards, should be firm, flat. Actually there are no thing called standard size of curb, according to the Federal government the size must larger than 27 ¼’’x51 5/8 and thinner than 6 inches and be updated usually.

How to use crib?

Your baby should be put to sleep on their back. Keep your kid rooms at comfortable temperature and dress them with one layer and keep toys, pillows and blankets out of their reach.

When Can Babies Sleep With A Blanket?

The risk of using blanket for newborn babies

Due to the risk of suffocation and strangulation, parents worry that putting blankets with your kids in sleep place could harm them. Actually your worries are reasonable. As the most updated report of American Academy of Pediatrics, putting your babies in crib with blankets will lead to the risk of suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome ( SIDS). But it does not mean you will never let blankets with your babies.


When can babies sleep with a blanket?

As the most updated report of American Academy of Pediatrics, putting your babies in crib with blankets will lead to the risk of suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). After 12 months, we can put soft bedding with your kids in a crib, the ability of rolling over and moving blankets from their face will reduce the risk of suffocation.

Until babies reach their first birthday ( newborn babies to 12 months) we have other choices, safer like sleepers, sleep sacks… However some pediatricians advise that if is fine for kids from 6 months and can lift their head up and down or crawl to put blankets in crib under supervision.

Overall, let your babies sleep in swing/crib/bounce or blanket depends mostly on parents. As two sides of a coin, each place would have both benefits and drawbacks. You have to consider which place is suitable for your child and be noted that always put safety of your lovely newborns to the first priority.

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