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best baby high chairs

Let your child join your family’ meals at the table the same as other members is the good way to bind him and other members, of course, the meal times become more enjoyable for both him and you. However, your child who is under 2-year old isn’t tall enough to sit on the regular chair as adults, which means he needs a tool to put him higher. Hence, the high chairs are becoming very convenient and useful.


best high chair

In fact, apart from being a booster, high chairs for babies are owned themselves greater features. Your child can safely sit alone without any help from his mom, which means his mom is free to do other tasks while he is sitting alone because the harness will keep him safely in place.

Plus, the high chair is attached a tray on which you can put your bowl of food, which also means more convenient when you want to feed them somewhere but not nearby a table. However, are you wondering about the best baby high chairs are widely used and currently preferred? Here the guide for choosing the best high chair and top five best rated high chairs with reviews as recommendations.

Benefits For Having High Chairs

Along with numerous items that can help you easier take care of your young baby, high chair is the one that play an important role. To know the benefits of high chair for babies, you ought to know what a high chair is and why you need a high chair.

best high chair reviews

First and foremost, this piece of furniture works as regular chair which allows your child to sit on, but what makes it differ from regular chair is it is designed to fit the requirements for young babies who can’t sit alone and has limited heights, which means the chair can adjust into different heights and has a safety harness.

In addition, the parts of chair can be removable as the users want. Generally, children under 5 years old are still in need of the help of high chair to fit the dinner table or to eat on their own tray. To conclude, all features are invented for a baby high chair is aimed to add the convenience while taking care of your child.

Why has a high chair is beneficial?

The need of a high chair will be a little different depending on the different ages of children. An infant might need a high chair to keep a baby sit on chair higher while his mom is standing feeding him.

Plus, the harness will work as safety belt to prevent him from sliding out of chair when his mom’s hands are busy holding spoon, and bowl. However, when your baby is older, he often intends to learn to be an adult. You will see that he would love to mimic what adults do. Also, he would be eager to join in adults’ activities. Hence, sitting on a baby high chair and eating on his own tray no longer interests him. Then, you know that it’s time to let him join the family’s dinner time.

Back to the younger babies, who still need harness to keep them sit on chair safely, let them sit on a high chair is also a good way to keep mom free doing other tasks.

Plus, the high chair is upgraded with great features like convertible and removable features, therefore, the high chair is no longer used merely indoor, you can take it everywhere you go, which means the feeding time no longer face any inconvenience.

Top Five Best Baby High Chair with Reviews

1. Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Comvertible High Chair Seating System

The Graco high chair offers users many advantages due to its smarter design, also known as 4-in-one chair, which can be used as both an infant chair and a toddler booster. Hence, you can save money if you have two young babies who are still be in need of using this chair.

What are else? The chair is multiple-options when it can provide 6 different height positions which can be adjustable in no time, therefore, it is easier for you to stand feeding your baby or let he sit alone eating at your dinner table. Plus, for providing comfortable seats for your baby, the chair can be reclined in 3 reclined levels.

In addition, with the tray attached into the frame, it is more convenient when you don’t have a table to place your bowl of food nearby or want to place some toys in front of your baby when you want to let him alone. Of course, the tray is removable and the nice thing is it is safe with dishwasher.

Moreover, the wheels attached into the frame allow you to move your 32-pound chair from place to place easier and quicker without any effort. Plus, the frame of chair is made of metal which provides more sturdy and durable with times, while the seat pad is covered with fabric, so it provides more comfortable when sitting on it.

2. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair, Grey

The Ingenuity high chair is very handy because it consists of different parts that can be detached in no time, therefore, you won’t feel any inconvenience when using. Because it can be used as 3-in-one chair – full-size high chair, booster seat and toddler chair, it is more economical and convenient, meaning a family of two siblings can use it the same time. Just by removing the seat base, you already have a seat for your toddler.

Plus, with 5-point harness, smaller babies can sit safely alone on the chair without keeping an eye on them. In addition, as providing more comfortable feeling when sitting on chair or feeding task, the chair is designed to be reclined as straight back position, medium recline and full reclined positions.

Moreover, the chair is attached with wheels for easier removing or tugging along with you by hand. However, the wheel is smartly designed with locks for better keeping the chair in place and preventing it from unwanted sliding in any directions.

Plus, the chair comes with a tray which allows you to put your bowl of food when feeding him. Also, the seat pad feature itself as removable part and washable material, therefore, the cleaning task isn’t difficult and no need to do by hand because washing machine can do it for you.

3. Graco TableFit High Chair, Rittenhouse

Plus, unlike other high chair, this chair can be folded, which means it doesn’t take much space when storage. When it is expanded maximally, the chair has 24 inches across and 12- inch depth, therefore, it provides more room and space for your child to seat on. Also, the foldable feature can be done very quickly without any hassle.

Moreover, the chair is designed for more comfortable feeling and convenient using because it allows you to adjust to 8 height positions, also meaning you are give more options. Therefore, the feeding time or meal times won’t face any difficulties due to inappropriate height of seat.

In addition, the removable tray works as nice thing when your child doesn’t want to be eating on his own tray, so the meal time is more enjoyable to him because he feels like any differences. Plus, the 5-point harness is a great feature that ensures your baby always safe.

Another ideal feature is about the seat pad. It can be removable for cleaning with your washing machine, therefore, it is easy for you to keep your chair clean, which means keeping clean also keeping health better.

4. Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

The Fisher chair is also designed with many dominant features. One of them is the ability to recline in 3 levels, which means your baby is provided more comfortable feeling and the feeding time has no obstruction.

Plus, it owns 7 adjustable height positions, which enhances the convenience for both you and your babies when needing the right height for feeding.

What are else? The tray can be removable and adjustable in no time, therefore, everything is very handy. Plus, the common problem of babies when eating is the mess which causes the chair dirty over time using. However, the removable tray allows it to be cleaned with water in the sink.

Also, the seat pad is made of washable material and very easy to remove, therefore, the chair can be kept clean all the time by cleaning with a damp cloth or washing machine.

Moreover, for easier movements, the chair is attached with wheels, which means it can be tugged without any effort.

And another cool thing is the toy attached into the chair, which can entertain your child while you let it play alone without being fussy, of course, the removable feature also comes with this, you can remove it if you don’t need it.

5. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift

The Boon Flair Pedestal high chair looks really cute in design. It is smoother and sleeker because the material is made of urethane, which contains no harmful chemical like Nitrosamine, BPA, Latex, PVC, Phthalate. Also, the material makes it easier for cleaning with damp cloth or mild soap.

What the features make this chair more ideal for you and your baby? First, the seat height can be adjusted into different levels, which ranges from 21 inches - 26.25 inches and the tray has 26.25 inch - 31.5-inch level of height. Second, the button that adjusts the height is attached on the base where can be used by your foot, therefore, you are given more convenience. Plus, the brake attached on the foot base is very stable, which you can push with your foot, therefore, lifting the seat or stopping it is done very easy and take no time.

Moreover, the chair also comes with the harness which is designed for 5-point adjustments, which means your baby is kept safe all the time, even when you ignore him for doing other things. Plus, the chair is quite sturdy and it can hold the weight up to 50 pounds, which is approximately a 4-year-old baby.

What should be considered while choosing the high chair

best high chairs

Choosing products always needs skills in order to get the best quality one, of course, which is included the choice for a best high chair. However, we can’t get the right one if we have zero-skills on it. What are things to take considerations when choosing a high chair? The answer is whatever type of high chairs you choose, it must be sturdy, safe and easy to clean. Also, other features may be included in the products must be like these.

Seat height

Because the main purpose of having a high chair is to boost the baby’s height, it would be great if the chair comes with adjustable different heights. Some of them are equipped with a button on the base which allows you to adjust with your foot in no time, while others are adjusted by hand. You need to check which highest level of the chair is, so you easily know whether it fits your height or not.

Reclined feature

Not all of the high chairs comes with reclined feature, therefore, choosing the one that allows to cline into different levels will be great, therefore, your child is given the comfortable feeling while sitting.

Safety harness

The harness is the tool to keep your baby safely sitting on his chair, therefore, it must work well and fit perfectly your child. Some of high chairs would come with 5-point harness, which gives more perfect fit.


Most of high chair have a tray but not all is designed with removable feature. Therefore, the removable one will be ideal when your baby is older, and need to eat on the family’s dinner table. Plus, removable tray will help you clean it easier than others.

Seat pad

Most of seat pads for high chairs are made of fabric, which is softer and lighter but fabric seat pads might be unnecessary for toddlers and older. Also, seat pads need to be removable for easier cleaning.


Chairs are attached into wheels will help it to be moved from place to place better and easier. Plus, the wheels are attached the locks will prevent the chair from unwanted sliding in any direction. Also, they need to be removable for detaching when necessary.


Taking care of a baby is a hard job but we always have tools to help our job easier and more convenience, that’s why high chairs exist. The problem is how to choose a right one that fit your requirements? With the help of reviews and buying guides your way to choose the best quality products is very easy, and bear in mind that the high chair owned adjustable height positions and removable tray features are the best ones you should take considerations.

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