Homemade Baby Foods or Formula Milk for Babies and Infant?

best formula milk for babies

Making Homemade Baby Foods - An Overview

You can make your own baby food more easily than you think. Also, these foods are less expensive than prepackaged baby foods. You can use grains, fresh produce, and meat that you have on hand. The most important thing is that you need to know exactly what you're feeding your baby.


Homemade baby food can help you give your baby the best as well as healthiest ingredients available. You just need a saucepan and a blender or food processor for this.

best formula milk for babies

Choose The Right Equipment

It’s important for you to prepare a tool to grind or puree the food. There are many choices for you from an electric baby-food maker to a good old-fashioned fork:

  • A blender or food processor: This tool may be a choice of some parents, but others don’t like it. It’s simply that it is too cumbersome, especially it’s not suitable for small jobs.
  • A hand blender: This is an electric tool that looks like a blender, but it doesn’t work in the same way. In contrary to the blender, you have to place this device into the food.
  • A baby-food maker: First, this tool steam-cooks, then purees meat, vegetables, and fruits. Besides, there are some models defrost and reheat.
  • A baby-food grinder: This is an inexpensive and simple tool. However, it’s not suitable for breaking down chunks of food like the mill.
  • A fork: You can transform some easily mashed foods as avocados, baked sweet potatoes, and bananas into a meal of your baby.

Advantages of Making Homemade Baby Food

There are many reasons why parents prefer homemade baby food:

  • They make it themselves, so they can know exactly all food they feed their baby.
  • Most of these foods cheaper than pre-packaged foods.
  • They don’t depend on the flavors the manufacturer chose. Instead, they can choose any type of vegetables, fruits, and other foods they want. Moreover, they can add melons or avocados that they can’t find in the supermarket to their baby’s food.

Disadvantages of Making Homemade Baby Food

  • Time: Making homemade baby food takes more time to make and prepare materials than to pick up prepackaged servings.
  • Convenience: It’s easier to receive prepackaged baby foods than make your own baby food because there is a big amount of prepackaged food available.
  • Storage: For homemade baby food, you have to take up room in your fridge or freezer because they may spoil quickly while prepackaged baby foods don’t need until you open them.

It is clearlyseen the advantages of homemade foods for babies. However, sometimes, making foods by yourself is inconvenient as well as time consuming. Therefore, a several great formulars of nutrition are available for parents taking care of their kids, as following.

Best Formula Milk For Babies and Newborn

You can be looking for a formula feed for your baby or confusing about which baby formula is the best to choose. There are many different brands of formula milk in the market today. Therefore, choosing the best one is not simple for mothers. Here are some best formula milk for babies you should know.

1. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron

This product is a formula rich in high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and mineral. Your baby can get some natural nutrients that are naturally available in breast milk as ARA and DHA from this product. They help to develop your baby’s brain and eye. Plus, their casein and whey ratio is also identical to mother’s milk. Especially, this unit contains no growth hormones, antibiotics, and harmful herbicides or pesticides. With this product, your baby’s FDA requirement is also met.

2. Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula

This product should be your pick if your baby is suffering from a sensitive stomach. In fact, you need to give the nutrition that it gentle on your baby for the development of your baby’s digestive system throughout the first year of life. The formula provides the nutrition of breast milk on the developing body. It contains small proteins that help digest easily and promote soft stools. With this formula, your baby’s brain and eye development are also supported by the fatty acids.

3. Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Milk Drink

It’s really difficult to make your baby eat healthy foods. Your baby even can miss critical nutrients from his diet. Don’t worry! Enfagow Toddler Next Step Milk Drink will help you. This formula milk is a perfect product for kids aged 1 to 3 years. With this unit, your baby can get 22 nutrients required for a healthy growth. It also provides a support to the digestive health thanks to the natural defense dual prebiotics. In addition, there are vitamin D and calcium in the formula. So, they help to promote strong bones and teeth. There are two choices of flavors for you: natural milk and vanilla.

4. Baby’s Only Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA Formula

This is a perfect choice for you if your baby is prone to allergies. It is totally gluten free. Besides, you won’t be worried about corn syrup or any other GMO ingredients. This formula provides DHA and ARA lipids as well as a more natural fatty acid profile for your child. It also contains no artificial growth hormone, steroids, or antibiotics.

5. Enfamil Infant Formula

Enfamil Infant Formula is considered to be one of the leading brands in baby formulas in the market. This formula is also recommended for mothers. It is the closest formula to breast milk. This unit is suitable for babies until 12 months of age. With dual prebiotics, the formula helps to support the baby’s natural defenses. Plus, it comes to some nutrients such as DHA and choline that help promote your baby’s brain development.

6. Hipp Organic Good Night Milk

This is a good choice for the kid’s night meal. Hipp Organic provides strength to the kids, especially for the babies of 6 months and more than.

The formula is certified to be the best for the easy digestion of the kids because it is rich in proteins. Besides, it also contains the gluten-free formula providing the kids increasing their growing capacity at night.

Moreover, this unit helps to make children growing healthy.

7. Hipp Organic 3 follow-On Milk

For the babies starting eating the food from 6 months, this is a great pick the mothers should consider, especially, it’s ideal for those who are moving from the breast milk to the formula one.

This is a good product for the digestive system of the babies because it contains natural lactic acid. Furthermore, it can also meet the requirement for the growth and development of the babies due to the natural products such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and some different minerals.

8. Similac NeoSure Infant Formula with Iron

The formula is suitable for the kids up to 12 months. This formula milk helps develop the brain and eye as well as the immune system of the kids because of the DHA and ARA.

Plus, this is also a great combination of the proteins, minerals, and vitamins that protect the baby’s body and provide the benefits to the kids as well.


Making your own baby food has many benefits. There is no doubt about it. These foods are not only nutritious but also less expensive than any prepackaged baby food. Moreover, they are also tastier while commercial baby foods lose nutrients and vitamins.

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