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best convertible car seats

Travelling with a young baby without baby car seat often causes some inconveniences, as your baby can’t sit in the normal seat in your car like an adult. Therefore, your baby needs the specified products to help them sit in the car safer and more comfortable.


In fact, having a young baby may lead to many concerns in choosing baby products. The reason is that your baby needs to be kept safe all the time. Also, the products you pick up need to be handy while using.

Plus, the products always come is numerous types, models and styles, which lead to overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, buying a best convertible car seat can’t avoid this problem. That’s why this guide will be helpful and informative for you.

best baby car seat

Different Types of Baby Car Seats

In fact, not all of types of convertible car seat are compatible with your car. Moreover, depending on the certain age of your baby, the requirements for a convertible car seat will be different.

For example, an infant just needs only a rear-facing position car seat, but a toddler may need both rear-facing and forward-facing. Therefore, to avoid any mistakes, you must know which type is appropriate for your certain age of baby.

baby car seat reviews

Infant car seat

Infant car seats are specifically designed for very young babies, often for 4-pound babies up to 35-pound babies. Therefore, they often come with neck and head support features.

Also, the models often come in smaller and lighter than other car seats. Plus, infant car seats are only used as rear-facing seats with semi-reclined positions.

In addition, some are designed with a carrying handle for easy carrying and to be compatible with strollers, which brings you more convenience while using.

Booster Seats

Older babies who are between 4 – 8 years old are big enough to sit in forward-facing seats, but won’t have enough height and weight to fit the adult safety belts. Therefore, they may need booster seats to be more comfortable and safer in car.

The seats installed to the car as boosters to let your child higher and bigger to tighten perfectly the belt. In addition, the booster seats come in two types including high-back booster and backless booster.

Convertible Car Seat

A convertible car seat allows you to convert from rear-facing position to forward-facing position, which is more convenient for you.

Also, the convertible car seat will allow to use for newborn babies and older babies of 40 – 80 pounds, 40 – 57 inches tall, which means with one investment, the car seat can be used for longer time.

Top 5 Best Convertible Car Seats Reviews 2016-2017

Among those so-called the best convertible car seats, which one is really best and right for your need? It’s really hard to come to the final decision sometimes. That's why you need to know exactly which are top products that are widely used and preferred; what features each model really owns, from that you are easy to make up your mind.

Therefore, as being the top 5 of the best convertible car seat for babies, this collection will give you all the useful information you need to know about the car seats. The features of each recommended product will be different in age using, but all of them are prior to safety feature which is known as a must-have feature for a baby car seat.

1. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat, Saturn

Like the DLX all-in-one convertible car seat, this model can also extend the age using from birth to toddlers within 5 lbs – 40 lbs.

This car seat is flexible to convert from rear-facing position into forward-facing position. Especially with the 4 adjustable position harness, it allows to have different fit depending on certain age of your baby. Therefore, you are no need to buy another one when your baby are grown older.

For the safety feature, this car seat meets all the federal safety standards. Your baby is better protected from any side impact crash up to 2 times.

In addition, you can also move your baby out or put back in car seat without any difficulties when the 5-point harness is easy to adjust. With every part of Tribute LX, everything won’t take you much time for installing, detaching or adjusting.

Moreover, the Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat is also designed for the better comfort of your baby while using. If you have an infant who can’t sit upright, the car seat is allowed to reclined and converted into rear-facing position. It means his whole body is supported to be safer and more comfortable. Thus, nothing is going to interrupt your good sleeping baby during your long travelling.

Plus, the washable head pillow will increase the comfort to your baby and better support your baby’s head as well.

2. Evenflo Symphony DLX All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

The name all-in-one convertible car seat says a lot about this Evenflo Symphony DLX, which means it isn’t limited for any certain age when it can carry babies from 5 lbs up to 110 lbs.

Besides, this car seat comes in handy when allowing to be adjusted both rear-facing and forward-facing position. For the infant using, you only need to adjust the seat to be semi-reclined in rear-facing position and for the toddler, convert it into forward-facing position.

Moreover, with auto-retracting Sure LATCH, it won’t take you much time for installing the car seat to the vehicle. Within 60 seconds, your installation is ready, which means 2 times quicker than the standard latch hooks.

The other upside thing comes in the technology of the 5-point Infinite Slide harness. it easy to slide and provides an accurate fit, so you can take your baby out or put him on the seat without any difficulties.

Plus, for the safety feature – the most concerned of users, thanks to the e3 Side Impact Protection, this car seat significantly increase the safety for your baby. It can reduce the side impact crash forces up to 50%.

3. Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Coda

Because both rear-facing and forward-facing positions are easy to adjust and convert, this car seat is great for both infants and toddlers.

Additionally, the latch system is designed smarter when it comes with front adjustable 5-point harness, which means the safety is increased. Therefore, you can take your baby out of the seat and placing him back on the seat quicker and easier.

Moreover, the harness system is also tested to prevent the side impact crash by US Standard FMVSS 213, which means this car seat is designed to be prior to safety of your baby.

In addition, this Graco My Ride 65 LX convertible car seat is made of metal and plastic, which is sturdier and stronger. Also, this material is also washable, therefore, you are easy to wash it with a damp cloth and mild soap.

To give the comfort for the baby while travelling, the car seat can be reclined to have better support for the head and neck while laying on it. Plus, the car seat is detached with a head support cover which increases the comfort to your baby.

4. Disney APT Convertible Car Seat, Mouseketeer Minnie

As the name called, this Mouseketeer Minnie design inspired by the character of Disney cartoon – Mickey mouse gives it a pretty and very adorable look, which definitely make your baby to be in love with it.

Also, this product comes with comfortable head support rest, the ears of the mickey increase the cozy feeling to your baby while lying on. In addition, it is made of fabric which doesn’t cause your baby sweaty during travelling on hot days.

This car seat also extends the age using when it can carry from infants to toddlers, who weight from 5 – 40 pounds and 19 – 43 inches in height. But for the safety reason, the infant should be placed on car seat with rear-facing position.

However, first and foremost, the safety is the most important of the product, and the Moustketeer Minnie is an exception. It comes with side impact protection, so it can reduce the risk of injuries.

In addition, the latch system is also easy to install or detach, so it won’t take you much time for any adjustments. Plus, the 5-point harness is designed with more convenient up-front adjustment, so everything is easier for you.

Another nice thing is the two integrated cup holders where you can put a bottle and necessary things. They give your car seat more convenient while using.

5. Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat, Matrix

This Chicco NextFit convertible car seat looks very sturdy and strong, which deserves a compliment. Other nice thing is the Chicco NextFit is very easy to install to your car, which can save your time and doesn’t bother you while using.

Moreover, this car seat isn’t limited to any certain age of child. The infants, who weight from 4 – 40 pounds, are allowed with rear-facing position, but pre-schoolers are preferred to use the forward-facing position. So that everything to do is adjust the car seat as you need.

Besides, there is nothing to complaint about this car seat when it can allow you have 9 reclined position levels. Plus, the bubble level will let you know which reclined level is best for rear-facing or forward-facing. Therefore, whatever your baby needs to be lying, sitting upright or siting in any reclined positions, all are available for your baby.

Moreover, the latch system also works great when it can be tightened without any effort and time-consuming. Plus, the extra padding and plastic shell increase the support for small baby, especially when he needs to be lying. For the older child, the 5-point harness is automatically adjustable to fit perfectly the child’s shoulders.

Another upside thing is the headrest which can be adjusted to 6 positions.

Benefits Of Having A Convertible Car Seat

Most babies killed or injured in vehicle crashes are associated with the lack of baby car seat installed in vehicles. Because the toddlers are too small to sit in forward-facing seat and fit the vehicle belt like adults. Especially, it would be difficult to travel with your infant who can’t sit upright alone on the seat.

Hence, the baby car seats are invented to keep the baby in car safer, prevent from risks of deadly injured in vehicle crashes.

In fact, with a best baby car seat installed in your car, your travelling will be easier because you are free from paying attention too much to your baby while driving. Especially, when they feel asleep, the baby car seat will hold your baby in a comfortable way. It helps not to interrupt the sleeping of your child.

However, not all the baby car seats are appropriate for your babies. Some of them are available in only rear-facing position or only in forward-position. Therefore, a convertible car seat comes as a great choice when it can provide multiple options.

If you have an infant, the convertible car seat will allow you to adjust the car seat in rear-facing to better protection during travelling. In contrast, when your baby is older, the convertible car seat is adjustable to have reclined positions.

Also, unlike infant car seat which can only use for very small babies who can’t sit alone on seat, having a convertible will be more beneficial than other baby car seats. Because with one investment the use of product will be longer. Hence, you are no need to buy another one when your infant gets older.

Moreover, many convertible car seats also comes with many reclined position levels. Thus, your baby won’t be fussy during your long journey because of having an uncomfortable seat.

Buying Guides For A Best Convertible Car Seat

In fact, finding the best convertible car seat is not easy. Not all the products can prove what has said in advertisements. However, the risks for picking up a bad quality product will be minimize when you search its information carefully.

best convertible car seats

Also, the reviews and buying guide articles are always useful for you. However, what to consider when choosing a convertible car seat?

  • You must check whether the convertible car seat you choose is compatible with your car, just try installing it into your car before you bring it home.
  • A convertible car seat is always allowed to convert the rear-facing into forward-facing position. So, just try adjusting this feature to know whether it works well or not. It would be better for those which can be converted without time-consuming.
  • Each convertible car seat should come with the side impact protection. This will minimize the risks of being killed or injured in the vehicle crashes.
  • The latch system is another part to consider. A good latch system allows the car seat to install into the vehicle frame easier and quicker.
  • Not all the convertible car seat are available for babies that are between 4 – 12, so you must ask the assistant to know which age is best used for the products you pick.
  • The belt is very important in keeping your baby safe. Therefore, put your baby in the car seat and tighten it, if it fits perfectly, it is ok to bring your baby car seat home.
  • Other parts to consider are headrest and neck support. They will help your baby to sit or lay on the car seat more comfortable.


It isn’t advisable for you to choose a convertible car seat without any learning about the products. The wrong choice may lead to unwanted consequences.

Your baby needs to be protected well, so the understanding about the products will determine the best product, and bear in mind whatever types of baby car seat you choose, the safety feature is a priority.

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