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best baby swing

Sleep plays a very important role in the early years of a child as it will affect mental and physical development. Therefore, a good sleep for them is always a primary concern of parents. In the old time, we often soothe the child by hand and today with the advance of technology, automatic baby swings has become a useful tool for busy parents in lulling their newborns to sleep.


During the early development, infants should sleep in the cradle rather than with parents for a stable sleep. It also avoids the risk of respiratory infections, so a high quality cradle or swing will help to bring your child sweet dreams. Among various swings, which one is the best one? Let’s compare and examine one of must-have equipment for infant.

best baby swings

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Different Types of Baby Swings

There are many kinds of swing with different material, style, amenities, functions and price so you have many choices in choosing the most suitable one for your little one. A great swing will provide a comfy and safe place for the child to lounge and sleep during the first months of life.

There are 3 kinds of swing that are listed on the market today. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages but the good points always overweigh the bad points.

  • Full size baby swing
  • Portable baby swing
  • Baby glider

Portable swing is a good option for parents who have tight budget and also do not possess a large space for babies.

The name says it all, the device is very portable, can be put at any place that suitable and convenient even a kitchen, living room or bed room.

Furthermore, you can fold it, put it in storage if not in use or just bring it along with your family during trips. The portable ones mostly run by batteries so it does not depend too much on the electric source.

The price is also the main issue to consider when parents decide to buy a portable one. Because of comparing to full-size, it can be half cheaper.

And if parents want a device that only performs one function, it is perfect. The main job of the portable swing is to lull babies to sleep and that’s all you have.

Top best baby swing reviews

Currently, there are many kinds of electric baby swing in the market with various functions, which ones perform the best in those. Let’s have a look at our top 5 products for babies.

1. Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing

Not type of swing for toddlers and older, this swing is small and supported by two steel legs, and the seat is hung in the centre. When using, these legs will be expanded maximally to balance the whole frame. Of course, it comes with foldable feature, therefore, it won’t take much space when storage and it can be portable conveniently.

Moreover, the swing is operated by batteries, which allows it to adjust the speed into 6 different levels. In addition, the seat can be adjustable for 3 positions including right-facing, center and left-facing, meaning you are given more options and more convenient.

Also, with the press button, the seat can be adjustable for 2 reclined positions which increase the comfortable feeling for the baby. Plus, the 16 songs which are nice melodies will make your babies more enjoyable.

2. Graco Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker, Winslet

Ideally suitable for infants up to 13.6 kg. The swing is made of metal with plastic elements.

With 3 seating positions, you can easily change the swinging direction from side-to-side to front-to-back; the gear also has rocker function. The gear has 6 swing speeds, 2 speed vibrations with 10 classical melodies and 5 natural sounds.

Besides, the safety belt will keep your newborn in right posture; you will not need to worry that your little one might fall outside.

Furthermore, the swing seat is removable, it means that you can separate the seat with the main machine and bring your child with you, very easily and conveniently.

The swing is also very portable; you can choose to use the power from electric supply or battery.

3. Fisher Price Cradle 'n Swing – Rainforest

Another handy baby swing in the list is this Cradle’n Swing inspired from rainforest theme. This swing is a very colorful and lively with two swing directions, either side-to-side or front-to-back. Baby has a relax time playing with the little animals on the toy bar above.

The swing has 12 songs and natural soothing sounds enable babies to live in the world of nature. If babies contact with colors more often, it will help them to develop visual tracking skills, therefore has advantages in growing brain cells.

With 6 soothing speeds in total, it’s easy to adjust the suitable swing level for their newborn. You can use battery or plug-in option, very portable and efficient. With the holding bar the baby will be kept safe and secure.

4. Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing 1-Pack

The Step 2 swing is very safe, even with strong winging because the rope and the seat of this swing are very sturdy. Plus, the rope is made of waterproof material, meaning great durability and safety with times. In addition, the installation can be done very easy and won’t take you much time.

What else? For bringing more comfortable, the seat is designed to dip a bit so that it doesn’t make the baby lean forward while sitting. Also, instead of using the flat seat, it is designed nearly the same as a chair which allows your baby lean back in his seat.

Moreover, small kids aren’t old enough to be swinging by themselves, they need an equipment which can hold them snugly in place and prevent them from sliding out of the seat, therefore, the swing is also equipped with belts and safety equipment attached forward. When swinging, the belts are fastened over the shoulders.

5. Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

This swing is designed for babies under 6 months years old, which helps moms to soothe their babies to sleep and help moms be hand-free. It is small and portable so that you can carry with you wherever you go easily.

Plus, it can be fold when not in use, meaning more convenient for carrying somewhere or storage.

Another upside is the swing is quite sturdy because all the items of the swing are made of tough and good materials like PP, ABS, POM, TPR, Steel, Polyester, which brings the durability but non-toxic chemicals contained.

Moreover, this is operated by a battery, which can bring babies to swing within 6 different speeds as it is set meanwhile the 6 melodies with controllable volumes and the toy bar will give your baby more enjoyable. Normally, the battery lasts about 3 hours within unstop using.

Moreover, the seat is made of fabric which brings the comfort to your baby, and the baby head will be supported by the head rest. Also, for keeping the baby is more secure, the swing also comes with straps which can be locked over the shoulders. Plus, the swing can be washed and dried easily, which definitely please the users.

Why should you have the baby swings?

Children grow when they sleep both mental and physical aspects. It indicates the importance of sleep to the development of a child. For infants, especially newborns, due to underdeveloped nervous system, it’s hard for them to fall asleep and easy to be startled and awoken while sleeping.

When they cannot have good sleep, the babies will be fussy and cry out loud, it will affect their health and development if this happens for a long time. Because of that, for a deep sleep, we need to keep the place quite, gently pat and sing lullaby.

Modern life makes it hard for mom to spend much time to hold the baby, and get them to sleep every day. An auto baby swing has become a very useful device that is ease of use. Baby sleeping in swing will bring positive effects as following:

Deep sleep

This is the most significant effects that a baby swing can bring to your child. When baby is sleeping, the gear will automatically and gently swing that enables them to have a deep sleep.

Mom will save much time for other jobs because they only need to place the baby in the swing, turn on the motion, adjust the appropriate swing level, choose sweet melodies and the little one will slowly fall into sleep. So it’s beneficial to both mom and child in the way that mom will have more leisure, child will have deeper sleep.

best baby swings

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Getting newborns to sleep in the swing will also limit others to disturb the sleep. If the baby shares the same bed with parents, they might not have a good sleep due to the movements of the adult during sleeping.


Sleeping with the swing or cradle from early months will help to build up the independence for child rather than carry them in hands the whole day. The baby will fall asleep by themselves without depending on mom so later when mom is not by their side, other people can get them to sleep easily.

Avoid the risk of transmission from adultsIf baby sleeps together with adults, they might be infected by bacterial, especially those that cause respiratory diseases. The immune system of adults has a strong resistance toward bacteria so they are not able to cause disease but the baby is another story.

They have weak resistance so a small pathogen can make them sick. Therefore, sleeping on swing or cradle is a good solution and a preventive isolation that prevent the risk of being infected.

Develop brain cells

Some auto swing devices have function of playing music to lull the babies to sleep. This is a very wonderful feature of this product because music has positive effects on babies’ brain; it helps them to relax and develop emotional and logic zones. Some baby swings are equipped with colorful toy bar that contributes to improve visual ability during early development.

baby swing reviews

If you buy a multi-functional swing, it will be very effective. Beside the function of being a comfy bed, some swings or rockers can adjust the incline and can be used as a lounge. So when your newborn grow up, they can sit and relax on it.

Buying guides for the best baby swings

how to choose baby swing

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Despite the significant benefits, many parents still consider in using swing or cradle with the fear that it might affect nervous system, spine or limit the movements of the baby. However, such problem can be avoided if you know how to use the swing properly.

When placing baby in the swing, parents must keep an eyes on some matters. Swinging the gear too much will affect the nervous system. Electric swing has various power levels so mom should choose the gentlest one.

Do not let the baby sleep in the swing for a long time especially overnight. When the baby deeply falls in sleep, turn off the swing function and let the child sleep by their own.

There should be pillows or soft material tightly surrounding the baby to keep them sleep in right posture.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety for babies, parents should buy swings from brands with reputation, has good comments and evaluations from other consumers. Baby swing has many brands with different price, so depend on your budget; it’s very easy to choose the most suitable one for your baby.

The best baby swings will include of several features and important details that you can take it as reference when you intend to buy one for your infant.

  • The swing should be firm so that child would not suffer from curvature of the spine.
  • The swing should ensure the security and comfort of the child.
  • It must be firm; the color must be bright; the paint must be durable, the electric source must be safe; the swing function activates gently, has different speeds to ensure a deep sleep for babies.
  • Furthermore, the seating pad should be washable, wide and airy so that newborn always has good sleep and feels comfy to lounge when they awake.
  • One more important thing is that the device should be portable and multifunctional. It can be used as a bed as well as a chair so that you only need to spend money once.


We hope that you get useful information about swing for baby, different types of it, the advantages of owning one and some buying and usage tips for consideration. There are many kinds of swing from different brands, different countries. They differ from material, design, function and price so to choose the best baby swing, it’s need time to examine and research. If possible, buy one from reputable brand to ensure the quality as well as the warranty policies. Newborns are weak, sensitive and they need a deep sleep for mental and physical growth. We need to give the best for our child so buying a good swing or rocker will be a significant decision.

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