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best baby night light reviews

Obviously, sleeping plays an essential role in baby’s life, therefore, it is really important for us to train our baby to have a good habit of sleeping. This includes going to sleep at the right time and getting no fussiness during bedtime.

However, there may be still some ugly creatures from the dark, which loves to scare your baby and keep him awake. For all mentioned reasons, there is an item that may be a solution – a best baby night light.

What Is Baby Night Light?

A night light is an item to switch the light on at nights. However, it is often not as bright as the normal lights we use. The purpose of using a night light is to illuminate the room but has the soft glow. Therefore, the sleeping process happens easier and quicker.

Benefits of Having A Baby Night Light

best baby night light

Night lights have more benefits, which sometimes people don’t realize. It doesn’t only an object that can bring the bright for the room. Its dim glow helps us go into sleep easier and quicker. When night light is used for kid’s room, this offers more practical benefits.

  • It helps parents see what is happening in the room easier when in need.
  • It keeps monsters and goblins away.
  • Kids who are afraid of dark go to sleep easier.

What Should Be Considered While Buying A Baby Night Light?

baby night light reviews

Like any other products available in the world, baby night lights come in a variety of sizes, prices and models. However, when choosing one for your kid’s room, it should be considered the brightness of each one. It should be dimly illuminated, so the sleeping process won’t take long time.

Also, the colors of baby night lights may be different from brand to brand, model to model. However, bear in mind they should be soft glow, recommendations are yellow, blue and pink. These colors help your kid soothe to sleep easier. And they also bring the cozy feeling to the room.

What else? When choosing items for kids, the models matter. This also depends on the age of your baby, the best toddler night light may a bit different from a night light used for your newborn’s room. Often, toddlers may be interested in the models much more than younger babies.

Choosing the night lights shaped animals may help your toddler feel that he has a friend to be with during all night long. It means the bedtime is less scary. Let the creatures like giraffe, bear, owl and turtle be your kid’s friends. Therefore, your kid won’t feel alone to fight monsters that may come from the dark.

Additionally, there also available some types of baby night light that comes with digital thermometer and automatic timer out there. These are obviously good to have because you can adjust the time for it to turn off itself automatically. Also, the thermometer allows you to check the right temperature in your kid’s room. However, these types are often less affordable than normal ones, so it may not the ideal ones for all users.

Top Best Baby Night Light Reviews

It seems nothing to discuss much about this simple item. There are plenty of best night lights for nursery you can choose out there, and your job is just taking time to get one. Very simple. However, to help you even quicker with your choice, here a full collection of good quality of baby night lights.


Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother, Eddie the Elephant

This night light looks really cute, shaped as elephant, which may make your kid interested in. Also, it matches well in the kid’s bed. When it is switched on, it can display the starry sky on walls and ceiling, which brings your kid’s room more calming environment. Plus, there are three options of colors to choose. They are green, blue and red. The night light also allows you to rotate three options in slowly circle. Set up as you need it to be!

What else? It features itself music, which soothes your kid to sleep easier. Plus, there are 5 meditative songs, which doesn’t make your kid feel sick of listening the same song over and over. Also, the sounds and songs can be automatically turned off after 15 minutes or 45 minutes. Therefore, any concern of noise may prevent your kid from falling asleep is got rid of. Of course, setting up takes no time to finish.


Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

The Munchkin night light runs on AAA batteries, which helps it has longer life. Also, it features itself LED technology, allowing it to stay cool to the touch due to long time constant use. Although it doesn’t has many options of colors, its only white glow is enough to offer your kid’s room light to see things around.

Plus, it has more a glow than a light, allowing your kid to fall asleep easier. The outstanding feature is about the automatic turn-off after 20 minutes. This features helps to save its batteries. Actually, complete dark environment still helps the sleep happens easier. However, in case your kid is afraid of dark, just skip this feature.

The nice feature also comes in the design of the night light. Shaped as an owl, it brings itself an adorable look. Plus, it features a handheld, helping your kids to have a better grip when needing taking it somewhere. Plus, there is only one button on the bottom, too small a bit for adult’s fingers to adjust, but very easy for kid to use.


Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, TurtleSummer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother, Eddie the Elephant

The night light is designed to look like a turtle, which looks really adorable. Of course, it is cute to be friend of your kid during bedtime. However, as a best night light for nursery, what it owns? When switching on, the turtle illuminates nice lights, which has three options of colors including green, blue and amber. All of these bring the cozy feeling to the kid’s room. Therefore, it brings bedtime sweeter instead of scary feeling. Ideally, keep it rotating through three options or just stay steadily on one color are very easy to do by setting up.

Also, the starry sky on the wall and ceiling will definitely entertain your kid because it gives the tranquil environment. Importantly, the night light also allows you to set up for automatically shut-off after 45 minutes. More convenience and longer life for batteries. Plus, this night light runs on AAA batteries, which lasts longer than others. In addition, this turtle is made of plastic, but it is found no harmful chemicals lile PBA or Latex.


The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer, White

The outstanding feature in the design of this night light is the digital thermometer. It helps to adjust the temperature in your kid’s room as you want. Also, it works by LCD screen, which tells you the different temperatures. The night light will change the colors if the temperature in the room is too hot or cold. Red for too hot, and yellow is acceptable. Actually, it is quite ideal when you have a newborn who can’t tell you any discomfort he may experience.

Importantly, the night light has soft glow. It is bright enough to lighten things around up but doesn’t extend the radius too far. This dim glow allows your kid to fall asleep quicker and easier. That’s why this should be recommend as the best night light you should have in your baby’s room.


Sensky Skl001 Plug in Motion Sensor Night Light, Motion Activated Sensor LEDNight Light for Bedroom, Stairwells, Hallway

The outstanding feature of this night light is the advanced technology in design, which allows itself to work smartly. It is off during the day time, on when dark comes, and when there is a person coming in the room, the light becomes brighter. Actually, it features two lights, the front light and the back light.

Also, the front light is perfect to soothe to sleep but the back light can be used to illuminate the full room. Plus, due to its smart design, there is no waste energy to cause when not in use. Ideally, all features are automatical.

What else? The other upside of this night light is about the plug. It allows you to directly plug in your AC outlet instead of using batteries, which is more convenient to use. In addition, more than a night light, it is completely alright to use for your bathroom, hallway and anywhere else that has outlets.


The choosing task for a best nursery night light is never a hard job. It is simple but there are two things that may be important. One is the colors of light, which absolutely depends on your favorite. The second is the models, which should depends on your kid favorite. Also, it needs no expensive brands but the night light should be easy to use.

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