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best baby monitor reviews

Nowadays, babies' safety is highly valued, which is proved by appearance of many baby safety products such as Baby Carrier, Baby Infant Digital Pacifier Fever or Nasal Irrigator and Aspirator... Among these useful products, baby monitors are indispensable. A baby monitor (also called baby alarm) is a radio system in other that parents can remotely listen to the sound that an infant makes.


Baby monitors help parents to be able to keep control their sleeping babies when they are flexibly in other room, doing something around the house or even outdoors.

Actually, a baby monitor is a set of radio transmitters which consists of a base transmitter and a receiver transmitter. The base one as a micro is placed near the sleeping baby and the other one is brought along with you. When your baby is crying, this app will detect and send you an alert through a message or a call, then you can go and check on your baby.

To use this type of equipment, you have to test and set up the scope of operation in different rooms because there might be unclear reception caused by obstruction of wall, terrain or interference from other equipment, however; it is not difficult to do.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are many kinds of baby monitors. Some of them use battery, some operate on electricity and some others need both. Let’s spend a little time to talk about some basic types of baby monitors.

Baby Video Monitors

best baby monitor

Deriving from actual demand that parents sometime want to see what their child is doing, what makes him or her awake or even how the child is sleeping, this type was introduced. Baby cam is its other name.

Baby video monitors have a camera with a microphone that transmits images and sound to a display on the receiver. There is a camera and a microphone on the reception unit located near the baby, which also means there must be a screen on the receiver so that both images and sound are transmitted to. The screen can be TV screen if you just need to follow your baby from a certain room or place and a modern portable one if you want to take along whenever you go somewhere.

Being more modern, some monitors have Internet connection to stream the video to the Internet and parents can watch their sleeping baby on any computer screen as long as there is Internet connection. Some advanced monitors utilize infrared technology allowing you to watch your child even in total darkness.

Baby Sound Monitors

Baby sound monitor or audio baby monitor is one of the most preferred types. Being different from the video monitor for baby, this type has no camera on the transmitter as well as the display on receiver. Baby sound monitors only transmit sound. There is only a microphone to pick up the sounds from baby and then transmit them to the receiver.

The special thing is that these monitors are often easily carried or moved and there may be more than one receiver. Parents can also watch their children via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet anytime, anywhere they want.

Wired or Wireless Baby Monitors

baby monitor reviews

Wired or wireless baby monitors are monitors with or without wires. No matter what you choose, there are pros and cons to each.

It seems to be easier and more convenient when using a Wireless Baby Monitor as there is no special limitation and you can probably take along the receiver.

Also, a wireless set up is easier for you to install. However, nothing is totally perfect, a wireless setup sometimes has problems. Besides your baby’s sound, this type of monitors is able to pick up other sounds from something else nearby. Sometimes you can find out and fix the problem if the interference is from somewhere within your own house but sometime you cannot if it is from somewhere else. Even there is no good changing the channel or frequency.

If you already have a wireless network setup at home, then a wireless model is the best choice. This way let you make use of your computer, tablet, or smart phone as a receiver.

Audio/Video Baby Monitors

If only hearing the sound or just watching the video without sound is not enough for parents, and if they need both, that means they want an audio/video baby monitor that is one of the best baby monitors.

In fact, the price of this type may be higher than others, but it is more likely to ensure that your child is assured and safe. People normally choose either wall mounting a camera or setting it up as a tabletop camera.

With Full motion video with up to 22 frames per second, clear and dynamic video lets you see all your baby’s movements. Thanks to infrared LEDs, this equipment can automatically detect dim light and provide clear videos even in dark rooms.

Moreover, an out-standing feature of video/audio monitors is its talk-back intercom as sometimes your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice as well.

Breathing and Movement Monitors

This type is introduced with the purpose of letting you know whether your baby stops moving, stops breathing. There are some famous brands on the market such as the Angelcare baby monitor or the Nanny Baby monitor.

Baby breathing monitors are designed to notify parents of unusual pauses in abdominal movement and then send an alarm after a certain period of time (usually 20 seconds). A baby breathing monitor helps to update on your child's breathing rhythms to ensure that everything is still fine. There is a sensor pad placed under the mattress of the crib or bassinet in order to constantly monitor the baby's motion. In other words, a baby breathing monitor helps to update on your child's breathing rhythms to ensure that everything is fine. So, what is better to reduce anxieties and have a more restful sleep than by buying a baby breathing monitor?

Top 5 Best Baby Monitors Reviews

There are various options, brands as well as models of baby monitors on the market today. They offer all sorts of functions you may not know you needed. Thus, choosing one suitable for you is not easy. It is important to decide what baby monitor is the best for you. We will provide you the review of top 5 best baby monitors reviews to help you choose the right one for your need.

1. Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Featuring itself many great tasks, the DXR-5 should be the one to consider when choosing a baby monitor, so what are those features?

First, with 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission, the system provides the better and clearer signals, which allows covering a distance up to 800 feet far away in open areas whereas 150 ft in enclosed areas. Also, this feature can prevent it from being interfered by other household devices like phone.

Second, the night vision feature also offers the better ability to watch over your baby at nights, meaning the crystal is clear and the full color feature still works well at nights. Therefore, you baby is ensured to be well protected all the time.

Third, the system is equipped with super bright 2.4-inche TFT LCD screen, meaning the videos you seen on the screen is clear.

The last thing is, the monitor system comes in small and light weight in design but very easy to use and quite durable, therefore, the DXR-5 minitor is actually the must-have baby monitor for those who have a young baby.

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

DXR-8 is actually the type of video baby monitor you should have when you have a small baby like an infant. The monitor features the 3.5 inches full color LCD display, on which you can see the videos of what you baby is doing, therefore, everything will be under control even though you are from a distance.

Also, it features the interchangeable optical lens, meaning there are three types of len including zoom, angle and wide angle which allows you to customize viewing and room. Plus, the infrared night vision comes as the dominant feature, which allows you to see you baby clearly throughout the night, therefore, there is no interruption of keeping an eye on your baby. In addition, the pan and tilt provides you the view of a wider space in your baby’s room.

What else? The monitor is also equipped with the pan control, allowing you to remotely control the camera’s direction and provides the view of wider space in your baby’s room - almost 170 degree panoramic view.

Also, the battery is quite great for its long life, which allows the monitor to constantly run at least 6 hours with the screen on, and up to 10 hours with power saving mode. The DXR-8 is quite convenient when it allows you to charge everywhere you are, like from laptop or any USB outlets.

3. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

The monitor of Philips Avent is designed with advanced technology called DECT technology, therefore, it is able to send the better quality of signals because with the transmission range up 900 ft the sounds is clearer and there is no interference of other house devices.

Plus, the task of soothing or calming your fussy baby would be easier with the help of two-way talking feature, allowing to hear and talk each other.

Also, the night vision feature comes as other upside of this monitor, which means the connection between you and your baby is always guaranteed because the system can provides the good quality videos even though what time it is.

In addition, you can easily know the temperature in the baby’s room because the system is designed with the temperature monitoring, so the changes of the temperature can be quickly regulated and then environment of your baby’s room can always stay warm enough.

Moreover, the lights that indicates the level of sounds in baby’s room come as an interesting feature but also increasesthe ability of alerting something threatening or dangerous. By looking at those, you can get clues what’s happening inside the room.

4. Mousand New Version Video Baby Monitor

The new version of Mousand monitor is excellent at its advanced technology, allowing the task of taking care of your childto be done better, the system can provide clearer and better signals, especially with night vision feature, which means you can watch what your baby is doing clearly at nighttime, therefore, you can keep an eye on your baby thorough the nights without having any difficulty.

Plus, the system comes with two-way speaking, giving a better communication between you and your baby.

Also, themonitor is portable, which increases the convenience while using because you can hear the sounds from your baby and talk back to him from anywhere you are because the system features the long-range digital signal.

In addition, the monitor is very easy to install and the system comes with wireless feature, meaning there is no complicated and time-consuming task in using.

Plus, as the other upside feature, there would be no obstacles with language problems caused by the using of the system because there are multiple languages to choose including English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

5. Hollyson Digital Security Baby Monitor

The monitor is designed with advanced technology, which gives itself many great features, so what are they? It features the two-way talking and long-range digital signal because the transmission range up to 960 ft, allowing you can hear the sounds from your baby and talk back to him whenever you are in the garden, also, it brings the better connection between parents and their child while they are from a distance.

Plus, the system is also designed with the night vision, meaning the system can send the great quality of videos how dark it is, therefore, the task of taking care of your child won’t face any obstacles with the presentation of this monitor.

In addition, parents won’t worry about having no clues of how the temperature is in the baby’s room while they are away because the system comes with temperature monitoring feature. Also, these features are automatically adjusted by itself.

What else? The battery is able to last quite long because with one charge, it allows constantly running for 8 hours in vox mode, therefore, the monitoring of your child during sleep won’t stop in the middle of night due to dying the battery.

Plus, the remote control lullabies might help to soothe the baby to sleep easier. The last thing there is no difficulty caused by the installing or regulating the monitor because the easy-follow instructions are included.

Benefits of Having a Baby Monitor

benefits of baby monitor

Baby monitors are used widely nowadays and no one can deny their advantages. Here, we just give some main ones as below.benefits of baby monitor.

Convenient Reassurance

The greatest one is that you can keep a check on your baby when you are not directly in the room.

Do you want to take the advantage of time to do what you need like chores, gardening or even taking rest while your baby is sleeping? I am sure that you completely can have confidence to get on with these things as long as you have a baby monitor. It provides reassurance that you will hear and respond when your child wakes and cries.

Of course, it is always good to check in on your baby in person, but a video monitor will save you a lot of legwork. A quick check of the monitor offers all the reassurance of a sneak peek without the risk of startling your little one, and all from the comfort of your own well-deserved bed.

In addition, when owning a baby monitor, you needn’t to hesitate to step inside the nursery for fear of waking baby sooner than expected. By simply checking the monitor periodically, parents can ensure whether their child is sleeping comfortably or not.

Much Desired Sleep for Parents

The freedom parents get to sleep for more time, without having to constantly monitor the baby, is invaluable, because with the sound sleep, they can get replenished and can take better care of their baby.

Owning this kind of equipment makes the mothers who have small children less strenuous. The more time parents get to sleep without having to continuously monitor your infant, the more inestimable it is. Because with the good sleep, they are more healthy and can take better care of their baby.

Tracking of Baby’s Sleep

This benefit is offered by the baby video monitors. Sometimes, parents sleep so deeply even when they are sleeping together with their child. As a result, they may not be able to recognize if the sleeping child does not make aloud sounds. With a video monitor, parents can actually see that their baby is restless though not crying.

By monitoring noiseless tossing and turning, parents can track the baby’s sleep more accurately and ensure if s/he is getting enough sleep and if not, they can find the reason behind it and take proper measures. Many video monitors can even feature motion-sensors which can alert parents upon movements even if the movements are noiseless.

The cross-talk mode

One of the most important benefits that we should have a monitor is the cross-talk mode for babies. Normally, an infant sleeps a lot during the day time and stay awake during the night, which is opposite to you. Therefore, a monitor will help you talk back to him to make him sleep at night as well as stay awake in daytime. What an amazing function!

How to Choose the Right Baby Monitors?

Indispensable as they are, monitors aren't without flaws. Each type has its own weak points. However, if following some principles, you are entirely possible to pick up the best baby monitor.

Before buying, think about what you use your baby monitor for:

  • Will you put it in a certain room in your house or bring it along with you when you move?
  • Do you want to take it along when travelling abroad?
  • Do you want to see, hear or both see and hear your child?
  • How important to you are extra features such as a temperature sensor and night light or even lullabies?

Things to consider when you are buying a baby monitor

baby monitor reviews

Security - analog vs. digital

Analog monitors are cheaper, but anyone in range can listen to the signal. The audio transmission is encoded by Digital models, which makes other people impossible to eavesdrop. Also, some have a “digital lock” to encrypt video images. Look for a model that uses digital enhanced cordless technology (abbreviated DECT) if you want to minimize interference with other devices.


Basically, most models use 49 megahertz (MHz). The next step up is 900 MHz, which provides you with longer range but might interfere from older cordless phones using the same frequency. To solve this, a lot of baby monitors have shifted to 2.4 gigahertz (GHz). The 1.9 GHz band supports DECT and is prone to the least amount of interference.

Audio, video, and more

Do you want to watch your sleeping baby or just be able to hear, or both? If you only need to hear your baby, audio monitors are basically suitable for you since they not only are less expensive but also take up less space. Video monitors include a variety of option about screen sizes, night-vision images and cameras that pan and zoom. You can choose one that keeps track of baby’s vital signs and the temperature in your baby's room, or make predictions of when your baby will wake up.


The smaller the receiver is, the more easily you can take it along.

Low-battery indicator: Don’t buy one that does not inform you clearly when it need charging, one with an alarm or flashing lights will easier for you to detect its low battery.

Multiple receivers

It will be better if you use the type having Multiple receivers in case you want to leave one in a certain room and bring one by your side, or you take one, your husband/wife take one too. Monitors working with smart devices will have ability of transmitting to several other devices at once if you share your signal with.


In conclusion, in the era of information technology, baby monitors have become a very useful and important tool for every family having small children. In this article, we tell you all information about this equipment such as overviews, types, top 5 products, benefits, and some useful tips. We hope that among so many baby monitors on the market, you will be a smart consumer to pick up the best one suitable with your need.

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