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best baby carrier

For a very long time, the baby carrier has been a very traditional item used commonly until now because it is indispensable for all mothers having small children. That is good if a mother can carry her child in her arm all the time, but it will be better if she can both carry the baby and do other things flexibility. Also, it is the reason why the baby carriers are created.


Of course, parents can have many ways to look after their children such as strollers, cribs, bouncers, swings or maybe just let them stay in bed. However, many of them want to have the feeling of closeness and convenience when using baby carriers which are a fabric utensil with some traps used for carry children without using hands. Therefore, you can completely move to everywhere easily or can do comfortably what you want when your baby is on you no matter she is sleeping or awake.

Different types of baby carriers

There are five basic types of baby carriers:


This is a piece of long cloth used to wrap around your body and your baby. With wrap baby carriers, you can get many different positions for holding your baby because of no clasps or rings. So, they are suitable for various ages. Moreover, wearers will feel comfortable with an optimal head, neck, and back support distributing your baby's weight well.

However, as you know, nothing is perfect. Learning curve for right tying a wrap can take more time than other baby carrier types. It’s also difficult to keep the fabric from dragging on the ground when wrapping seeing that it tends to be very long. And, the biggest disadvantage when using front carrier is that it’ll be difficult to breastfeed your child, which means you have to remove it whenever you do that.


A baby sling is a long piece of soft, non-stretchy fabric crossing from one shoulder to the opposite hip. It can bemade of cotton or linen. Normally, parents use a sling to carry their baby facing towards the body, or occasionally in their front. You can also use them to carry your older baby facing outwards to give him a good view. This type has many fans and has been used for many years. Slings are very slight. They can be carried around with you wherever and whenever you want. It is also easy to use. There is an excess fabric tight for you to adjust accordingly.

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best baby carriers

Besides, a very useful thing is that you can use a ring sling to support your baby when you're breastfeeding. However, when using baby slings, you can’t ignore safety concerns. In fact, there are some warnings about suffocation risks with slings. Also, it can easily pick up dust, so you have to wash it regularly.


Mei-Tai carrier is the most popular of a group of modernized traditional baby carriers. It has four straps including a panel of fabric with two shorter straps, two longer straps that wrap over the shoulder. These traps are often made of attractive fabrics very wide or padded in order to provide extra comfort for the user. Its style is simple and easy to use as well as ideal for a custom fit each time.

On the other hand, many carriers have little to no padding. As a result, there will be pinching or digging in some areas like the shoulder area.


Soft structured carriers are a combination of convenience, comfort, and accessibility with various designs. They’re ideal for not only older babies but also toddlers. They come to a thickly padded waistband and shoulder straps making the wearer comfortable when using.

In addition, they have some additional features as adjustable seats. And, they are designed as a pack back that brings a low learning curve. The traps are generally adjustable to suit user’s need. With a soft structured carrier, this type is being considered as one of the most style of baby carriers on the market today.

Backpack Carriers

baby carrier reviews

This unit comes with a built-in frame allowing you to wear your baby on the back. There are two categories of backpack carries: framed carriers and unframed carriers. You will have to pay more for famed carriers than the other one. However, the famed pack back provides a comfortable position for your baby while you won’t get all the fancy features if you choose an unframed carrier.

Top choices of best baby carrier reviews

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

This baby carrier has a back support and padded shoulder straps that help you to decrease the stress of carrying.

If choosing this one, you needn’t worry about the weight of your child. It will be distributed evenly. Your baby will feel good in an ideal position as well. It is really a great choice for your baby because you can choose any position to suit for your activity.

For this carrier, they are especially useful for nursing simply in bad weather or even when your baby is napping.

Cons: The price of this product is a bit expensive. However, its price is still a lot cheaper than the price you have to pay for every chiropractic visit when using other cheaper types.

Beco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini

It’s considered as one of the best baby carrier on the market today because of some great features as well as its flexibility. The Beco baby carrier Organic Gemini has a waist support. Therefore, your baby will be supported for weight distribution and maximum comfort.

Different from others, this product is able to bring all of the positions for your baby. Your baby will be easily managed thanks to the criss-cross design on the shoulders and the back. Also, your child is surely interested in a cool and colorful design. If you are choosing one for the versatility, it is a great choice for your baby carrying needs. This one is for you even if you have a need to use it regularly.

Cons: A small problem mentioned is some people find it not easy to manage. However, you can easily to overcome if you practice more. In general, this promises to be one of the favorite baby carriers with a reasonable price.

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

With this brand, your baby is kept happy and comfortable. Sure, you won’t be disappointed with what this unit provides you. The carrier comes in an addition to bag of tricks. Moreover, it also allows you to back from the stress on your back, neck, or shoulders.

It’s made of two materials as cotton or a breathable mesh. A more breathable will be the best if you live in a hot climate.

The Babybjorn Baby carrier Miracle is suitable for many children because it has three different colors. Furthermore, you can adjust yours when your child grows.

Cons: This product is like the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier. Almost moms say this is an expensive product. But, you should spend your money buy it for the comfort for your child.

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

There is without straps, buckles, or snaps. Thus, it is easier to take on and off than others. They are often made the stretchy fabric. After using every time, you can wash and dry it and reuse. These fabrics help to support your baby’s spine and hips. Because of this design, you can use the baby carrier for five positions.

The Boba Wrap Baby Carrier is significantly more inexpensive than other carriers. It’s easy to use without spending hours practicing. In spite of a low cost, the fabric has various colors that really well suit for the baby.

You also enjoy the comfort and warmth even when using for hours. In fact, you won’t experience back the pain or other problems as well.

Cons: It’s not suitable for all babies. For very large babies, this is not a suitable choice. You should consider it only if your baby weighs under 20 pounds. Another thing to consider is this carrier suits for keeping your baby cozy or warm, so it is not perfect for those who are living in an extremely hot climate.

Overall, you should choose this wrap if you are looking for a wonderful, friendly budget, and high-quality product.

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original

The babybjorn Baby carrier Original is a classic carrier coming in various colors. They’re made of both cotton and mesh materials. Its design is to support the neck and spine, as well as the head of small child, especially newborn babies.

There are two ways to carry your baby at different times. You can put your child inward the chest or outward. This is great for not only your baby but also you because you may want different things depending on different times; for example, when you walk or when your baby snaps, you can choose a suitable way.

You won’t worry when carrying your baby in the bad weather because there is an additional cover.In comparison to other products on the market, its price is also great though it’s not a cheap product. We recommend you this unit is a trusted brand on the market in many recent years.

Cons: The only thing you need to consider is free of pocket to keep your necessary belongings. As a result, you have to prepare a bag for keeping things as your phone or money.

Benefits of using baby carriers

baby carrier reviews

Using baby carriers is convenient

If you use a baby stroller, you have to worry about crowds, steps, and narrow aisles. Instead, walking around will become easier when you use a baby carrier. You can feel uncomfortable with some problems that a baby bucket or removable car seats bring, but baby carriers are not.

A baby carrier can prevent your baby from being kept at knee level. Besides, it is also ideal for nursing in public places. Also, the baby carrier is used as a blanket, cushion, or changing pad when necessary.

Baby carrier helps promote baby’s physical development

A baby carrier attaches your baby to you, so she can be in the sound of your heart and the tune with the rhythm of your breathing. They are important to stimulate and regulate your baby’s physical responses as well as his vestibular system. Baby carriers are really suitable for the access to baby’s bodily movements.

Baby carriers make babies happier

The fact is that babies who are held better will less cry. Normally, in indigenous cultures, a baby will cry for a few minutes per day. In the other hand, in Western, babies often cry for many hours. That makes both your baby and you exhausted.

Baby carriers are especially useful for babies crying a lot per day. The baby will get the warmth and security from baby carriers.

Baby carrier helps you easily communicate with your baby

If you have a confidence when parenting, you will be more relax and enjoyable with your baby as well. One of the most important things is the ability to read your baby’s cues. When you read successfully, you will get a large confident feeling. In fact, you can easily attune to your baby’s facial expressions and gestures when holding your baby in a baby carrier.

Many mothers admit that they have ever been unable to distinguish their own baby’s cries. Don’t be too surprise! It’s normal thing. The simple reason is that these babies can be able to communicate with their mom without crying. Even, your baby doesn’t cry to allow you know that she is wet, hungry, or bored. Obviously, our life is becoming more enjoyable thanks to baby carriers!

Baby carriers are a useful to bond fathers and other caregivers

This is considered to be a great tool for everyone in their baby’s life. That moment is really wonderful when you see a father going for a walk with a baby in a baby carrier. They are strongly attached together through father’s voice, facial expression, heartbeat, and movements.

Although fathers are not those who have a bonding with gestation, they still have many opportunities to make up for their babies. Not only fathers but also grandfathers, babysitters, and all other caregivers have the same opportunity. Thus, using the baby carrier is a great way getting to know your baby in your life.

Baby carriers are healthy for you

With a baby carrier, you won’t waste your time exercising because carrying your baby around with you helps you enjoy the benefit of walking as well as weightlifting. This is also good way to reduce the stress and fall in sleep more easily.

How to choose the baby carrier

Choosing the best one is more and more difficult due to a lot of quality choices and many different designs from various credible brands on the market today. Here are some useful tips for you on choosing the best baby carrier.

Easy to use

You really need a friend to help you for the first time. And, you can easily choose a strap without assistance. Besides, when you go to the shop, you should hold your baby in the front of the baby carrier.


One disadvantage is choosing one in various available colors. Your partner will be a good helper while you are looking at all different styles.


You need to choose a product with wide straps, padded straps or sturdy fabric, a lower padded waist belt. These features will help distribute your baby’s weight evenly and easily adjust when using.

Easy to clean

Nowadays, almost modern carriers can be cleaned easily only by putting them into the washing machine. However, we recommend you use some types having unnecessary teething pads and bib because your baby can chew them and he won’t deform the front of the carriers.

Weather appropriate

Many mothers don’t concern this issue. That is a flop. The weather is an important factor you need to consider before choosing a baby carrier. If you live in a warm climate area, you will need one made of a cool material or a mesh carrier.

For a colder climate area, it is important to consider a cover for the carrier. However, you can freely choose any carrier if you live in a cooler climate area.


To sum it up, we say for the roles of baby carriers in our life. A carrier is an essential thing for everyone. However, choosing the right carrier can be a difficult decision. Based on our experience, a simple, yet supportive, and versatile carrier may be the best for you. In this article, we give you all overviews, types, benefits, and some useful tips you need to know about the baby carrier. Our goal is providing you our extensive testing helping you choose the best one that suits your needs.

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