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best baby bouncer reviews

Everyone having a baby, especially a newborn baby will definitely understand how hard to take care of them. You are unable to hold them all the time. There is an amazing piece of equipment that can help you in holding and rocking your children: baby bouncer. It is a fantastic alternative for mommy’s loving arms. You put your baby in the bouncer seat and it will help you rock the baby with the exact speed and intensity that you rock him (her). However, you need a specific guidance before purchasing a baby bouncer.


In the following guides, you’ll find very helpful information and tips to choose the best baby bouncer to match your baby’s demands perfectly. Also, we provide you in-depth reviews of top-rated baby bouncers on the market.

Different types of baby bouncer

For you find easy to imagine, baby bouncer is a frame made by metal covered with soft piece of padded fabric. It looks like a fabric chair for baby, but actually it works in different way with different function. A baby bouncer is designed to move up and down according to your baby’s wiggle. Some baby bouncer models use battery to automatically rock your baby in the exact way you rock.

Thanks to its convenient and helpful benefits, baby bouncer is getting huge of attention from mothers and babysitters. It will help you have some hours of both hands free for doing your own personal stuffs. Your baby is not only soothed gently but given chance to entertain with some toys along with.

Baby bouncers are pretty simple to classify. There are 3 main types of baby bouncers on the market.

Basic baby bouncer

best basic baby bouncer

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As its name, it is the most basic form of baby bouncer. In other word, it is called ‘framed bouncer’, which means it rock forth and back with the weight of your baby. It doesn’t count on battery or electric to run but only by manual. It will move when your baby wiggle their legs and hands.

Moreover, it has no additional entertainment divides such as music, toys. It is simply just a seat which can move up and down by special design in the back frame.

The design of basic bouncer focus on physical movement of your baby, so it matches your baby’s expecting bounce. It means you baby can bounce with their natural motions.

In addition, basic baby bouncers are usually more bouncy than other types, which allow your baby to bounce with the minimal effort.

Because basic bouncer is free from complicated features, it is easy to be folded up, stored and moved from one place to others. It is very convenient to bring when you travel or do on a trip.

The downside of basic bouncer comes from its simplicity. It is simple in style which sometimes bores the child. And also, it has limit in some functions.

Battery-operated baby bouncer

automatic baby bouncer

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This type uses battery to provide constant rocking motion. Its design is more complicated than basic bouncers with different features and functions. Especially, it produces vibrating motion with battery-operated motor. And it will not stop bouncing even when you baby doesn’t move his (her) body.

Moreover, battery-operated baby bouncer is featured with toy rails, vibrating seats, musical melodies, MP3 connectivity and so on. It will keep your baby entertained in a long time.

Also, it helps your baby fall in sleep easily with some lullabies automatically played along the movements. If you look for a continued bouncer with multiple functions for entertainment, this type is the best choice for you.

Along with amazing benefits, the downside of battery-operated bouncer is that it is hard to carry along because it is quite bulky and heavy with additional features.

Top 5 best rated baby bouncer reviews

There is no doubt about the great advantages when owning a baby bouncer for your child, especially newborn. However, the problem is there are so many different baby bouncers on the market which can make you confused. You don’t know which one is best for your baby or which ones are highly recommended? In the below short overviews, you will find our outlining and precise reviews about features and specific benefits of top best baby bouncers.

1. Fisher price Rainforest Jumperoo

The unique frame and design make Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo not only a baby bouncer but also a piece of equipment to help your baby learn to stand. This is a great baby bouncer with smart design of which seat can spin 360º.

The frame made of steel can ensure a firm and sturdy form for baby to jump, rotate and move their body. The seat is soft and comfortable.

It is also featured with different toys which are arranged all way around, including elephant, monkey, parrot, tiger, lizard, tethered chew toy, bead balls and a stack of chips with cute graphics. They are all electric toys with motion, light and music to create a funny and fascinating environment for baby to interact with. Your baby can spin 360º around and play with any toys he (she) wants with the music and light automatically interacted with his moves and jumps.

This baby bouncer is a really smart and safe jumper for a baby from 3 to 6 months. It stimulates healthy physical and mental development, creates a visual and auditory environment for your baby to experience.

2. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Designed with stable and secured steel frame, Luv U Zoo Jumeroo from Fisher-Price is a fun and entertaining baby bouncer for your baby to improve their motor skills. The seat has ability to spin and jump along the baby’s movement.

It is featured by plenty of textures with the combination of toys, music, sounds and lights to help the baby develop his (her) tactile sensation.

Especially, this baby bouncer is designed to react with baby’s actions in order to help the baby learn cause and effect. The baby can develop visual and auditory senses by playing with colourful toys and animals, amusing music and sounds. They can learn to recognize different colors, animals or shapes at very young age.

Also, playing with toys by spinning the seat, touching them and moving their body can be very good for eye-hand coordination.

In addition, this jumperoo is easily portable with the tubes being able to remove from the frame. It is recommended for baby around 6 months whose weight under 25 pounds.

3. BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft - Black/Dark Gray, Cotton

This is one of the best basic baby bouncers on the market. Simple design with no batter, but it covers all the necessary functions of a baby bouncer to help you rock your baby in the most natural way.

The special design in the frame makes it bounce along the baby’s movement, which help the baby learn motor skills very quickly.

Soft fabric seat is designed to ensure the comfort of the baby’s head, back and neck.

Besides, it contains four positions to support all the basic requirements of a baby: rest, sleep, play and transport mode.

Moreover, it can be easily changed from the highest position to the lowest position without impacting on the baby. It can be fold in the flat mode for storing or carrying.

In addition, the seat is made of safe and soft fabric which is friendly to baby’s skin and respiratory system. It is easy to remove for washing.

The baby bouncer can be used for newborn to 2 years-old children. It can also be added accessories or toys.

4. Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion

This is a great bouncer for newborn baby. It uses AC plug with battery-free operation to provide auto rocking motion. The bouncer can be both an inclined sleeper and an entertaining seat.

When you want to lull your baby, you use the gentle rocking motion with lullaby music. If your baby wants to play, you change into fun music and sounds, combining with additional toys to entertain the baby.

Soft and comfy seat pad and gentle hand-free rocking motion help the baby to sleep sound all night long. 12 songs and 3 sound effects are a good source for the baby to develop sensory skills.

At the same time, diverse clacker toys keep the baby busy and enjoyable, while the three-point restraint ensures the safety for your baby.

With the support of Newborn Auto Rock’n Play Sleeper, you can have some relaxing time to do other things and have good sleep without worrying for your baby. The bouncer is designed to be easily removed for washing, storage and portability.

5. Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price seems to be the best name for excellent products of baby bouncers. This one is a great bouncer for newborn. It’s famous for gentle vibration like soothing rocking motion in mommy’s arms. Perfect incline of the seat pad give comfortable position for the baby to sleep, play and rest.

Pleasant and plump fabrics, mesh sides and an ultra-plush puppy head rest and insert provide the baby the relaxed and secured feeling. It is designed clacker toys to help the baby entertain during playing time.

The lightweight frame folds for easy portability and storage. Insert and pad are machine washable and dryer safe.

Though this baby bouncer has no music or sound system, it is still a wonderful infant bouncer as its amazing viberations.

However, it is a high-quality product with reasonable price. It is recommended for children unable to sit up unassisted or grasp side of seat and pull upward.

Other 5 highly recommended baby bouncers

1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny

Featured by cute ‘bunny’ seat, My Little Snugabunny is a good bouncer for your newborn. Its best impression is the soft and comfort seat cushion, providing the maximum support for your baby from head to toe.

Soothing vibrations cooperated with natural sounds and gentle music can bring relaxing time or deep sleep for the baby. Vibration, music, and sounds and set volume levels can be controlled with the easy-touch buttons located on the control panel.

2. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

This is a fantastic baby jumper for children who are learning to stand. It is designed with various toys arranged 360˚ around to help the baby plays in everywhere he spins. Every motions to enhance baby’s physical development and motor skills is covered including rocking, jumping, spinning.

Featured with 58 fun activities around the soft and secured seat, this baby bouncer is great environment for baby to play, learn and experience.

3. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer Under The Sea

The most spectacular feature of Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer is its unique adjustable arches which allow parents to move the toys closer or far from the baby to adjust their eyes coordination.

The bouncer is designed to ensure the safest and most comfortable environment for the baby to play and rest, with non-slip feet and sturdy legs as well as soft and cozy fabric seat.

It also provides soothing vibrations like mother’s arms. Colorful textures and funny sounds are others nice features of this baby bouncer.

4. Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer

Like a lot of Fisher-Price baby bouncer, this one covers a lot of great features to make your baby comfortable. It is designed with a huge seat (look like a baby net) supported by plush puppy head to contour baby’s head, neck and the whole body.

Cute and sweet toys are hung overhead, cooperated with calming vibrations and gentle music to give the best relaxing environment for your baby. Use the easy-touch panel for quick access to music/sound selection and volume control. Remove the overhead mobile for easy access to baby.

5. Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

Pinwheel bouncer is a quality product with inexpensive price. It is simple design with a seat that can vibrate. It provides the basic needs of soothing baby without mother’s hands.

It is featured a toy bar with lovely and funny toys which can make auto movements. Additionally, your children can have fun while reach their hand to touch the toys. The bouncer is safe with 3-point safety harness. Other parts can be easily removable for cleaning or carrying.

Benefits of owning a baby bouncer

Every pair of parents should have a baby bouncer if their child is newborn or few years old. It can offer a lot of great advantages for your baby:

Parents' flexibilities

The baby bouncers can replace parents in soothing and rocking the baby. It is the most obvious feature and also the basic benefit of a baby bouncer. It is designed to provide different levels of vibration to rock the baby like mother’s arms.

Some of the bouncer can move in the baby’s movement and others use battery to make vibration. Most of the bouncer is featured the gentle and soothing vibrations which cooperated with the good music and sound to help the baby rest and sleep well without any effort from parents.

The most important thing is parents can have some hours free from hugging and holding their baby with the help of baby bouncer.

benefits of baby bouncer

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Baby secure

baby bouncer secures kids

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A baby bouncer provides a safe and entertaining environment for your baby. It usually consists of a seat or chair on a sturdy and strong frame which keep your baby safe when he (she) sits and play in it. The baby can feel excited or relaxing or sleepy or enjoyable depending on different levels of vibration and different types of music in the bouncer.

Besides, most of the baby bouncer is features with plenty of toys with colors and textures to help the baby have fun and entertain. A lot of baby bouncers are designed with 360º spinning and arranged various toys around so that your baby can play all around when he spins.

Baby development

A baby bouncer can support the development of baby’s physical skills at the very young age. Some types of bouncer are designed to follow the baby’s movements, and some other types like baby jumpers can provides a lot of movements such as jumping, spinning, standing for the baby to help them develop their motor skills.

Besides, playing with colorful toys can help them stimulate their eyes coordination and learn to recognize colors, shapes and sizes of things. Listening to music and natural sounds as well as touching toys are the good ways to improve their senses and mentor development.

Buying guides for best baby bouncer

best baby bouncer

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With amazing benefits of it, baby bouncer can be a wise investment for you. However, you need to follow some guides and have some tips if you want to be a wise purchaser in buying a baby bouncer.

Here are some parts and features you need to consider when choosing a good baby bouncer:

The frame

This part should be sturdy enough to ensure safety. You should look at its material (should be steel), its design (should be 3-point or 5-point harness), the width of the base. Especially, you should choose the bouncer with non-slip feet and is equipped straps.

The seat

Should be the one with comfortable and soft material, featured with a pad to support baby’s head. And don’t forget to choose the seat that is easy to remove for cleaning and portability.

The rocking ability

It is the most important thing when choosing a baby bouncer. The ones with various levels of motions and vibrations should be considered.


If you want a multiple function bouncer, you should choose the one covering toy system (diverse and attractive in colors, types and textures), music and sound (variety of songs and sounds), lights (that can turn off independently of all other features and not too dazzling). And remember to choose the toy theme based on your baby’s favor or gender.

Safety features

Baby bouncers come with their own recommended age, weight and height limits. So pay attention on it to choose the one matching your baby.


Some battery-operating baby bouncers have different settings, from speed and intensity of vibrations to music and light control, etc. You should consider the one with clear and easy settings on the bouncer.

A good baby bouncer can cost you a big amount of money. But if you know how to choose a right one for your baby, it is totally worth that money. You can choose the basic bouncer that vibrates when your baby moves or the modern models with battery-operating movements, spinning, playing music and having toys.

It depends on your budget, your baby’s need and age. This buying guide included every necessary thing you need to know about baby bouncer and some highest rated products on the market. Read carefully and you find helpful information for choosing a high quality baby bouncer.


In sort, a baby bouncer can be considered as an important piece of equipment for parental work as it provides an ‘extra pair of hands’ when you need few minutes from constantly holding the baby or some hours to do basic domestic chores, as well as providing the baby with some restful time without you. Babies become curious about the world from an early age, and the bouncer allows them to watch and interact, rather than just lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. It also provides different positions from lying to upright sitting with the most comfortable feeling.

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