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Hi there, my name is Cynthia. I am a 34-year-old. I love reading, travelling, kids story, and exchaning knowledge of taking care children. To get in touch you can email us [email protected]


Crib Mobile Buying Guides 2017 Parents Should Know

By Cynthia J. Simmons / May 30, 2017

When babies lie in cribs, moms often use a mobile – a kind of toy hang over the crib to comfort them at snap time as well as entertain them in playtime. Besides, some scientists conclude that baby mobile may help newborns promote visual and eye-tracking skill with its colorful design.


Folic Acid Benefits And Dose For Pregnancy Periods

By Cynthia J. Simmons / May 14, 2017

It is often said that folic acid and iron play a very very vital role to women in pregnant periods. However, do you really know about folic acid benefits and dose for pregnancy periods and when women should start to take it? In this blog post, we’ll show you the importance and the efficient dose of […]


Difference Between Latte And Mocha – Do You Know It?

By Cynthia J. Simmons / May 10, 2017

There are many kinds of drinks. Each has its own taste. Most people consider coffee as the second most used drink in the world. On coffee menu, you can easily see many different names. Two most usual names are latte and mocha. So what is actually the difference between latte and mocha?

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